Magic Love Crow Reclaims Her All (and shares some of it with us)

I met her years ago… while her brushes rejoiced in birthing baby crows. I fell in love with the innocence of her art, the bright sweetness of her colors, the gentleness of her heart… Since then, Magic Love Crow has grown and grown… and I love what art and artist continue to become.

Magic Love Crow

A month or so ago, Stacy, mistress of Magic Love Crow, said something about spending a lot of time painting “backgrounds” and enjoying the activity to no end. Then she shared this piece:

Rouge, by Magic Love Crow“Rouge”

The explosion of colors and textures inspired me to take a trip down memory lane. I clicked back and forth, between pieces created in 2011 and some of Stacy’s most recent work. I was amazed (and rather pleased) by how her art has evolved. In the beginning, Stacy’s paintings were full of the cutest wee creatures. It was impossible to look at her paintings without cooing.

Baby Crow and Baby Owl, by Magic Love Crow“Baby Crow and Baby Owl”

Later, colors became brighter… talons got sharper… Stacy’s baby crows began to fly…

The Landing At Sunset, by Magic Love Crow“The Landing at Sunset”

A couple of years ago, our talented Stacy’s crows dropped their fuzzy feathers and morphed into strong-winged symbols for so much more: healing, love for self, discovery, romantic love, and hope were only a few of the motifs that began to hatch.

Love Me Like You Do, by Magic Love Crow“Love Me Like You Do”

Then came the deliciously mythical (and a personal favorite) touch of Stacy’s crow women and birds. These paintings are full of strength and magic, of life and what comes next, of wonder…

You Are Beautiful, by Magic Love Crow“You Are Beautiful”

I found so much delight in exploring the evolution of Magic Love Crow, that I wanted to share the experience with you. I had planned to write this post at the end of this month or after April. But when Stacy emailed me to ask if it was all right to name a very special painting after a line in one of my poems (to which I said “Yes!”, of course), I felt the need to share the yum now.

Reclaiming My All, by Magic Love Crow“Reclaiming My All”

And speaking of sharing…

Stacy is offering “Reclaiming My All”, the special painting in question, as a giveaway. This piece, with its fiercely crimson bits and rough edges… has a story of its own. Please visit Stacy’s blog, and read “Reclaiming My All”, so that you, too, can feel the power of its origins.

To Enter the “Reclaiming My All” Giveaway….

All you have to do is leave me a comment saying, “I want ‘Reclaiming My All’”. That’s it, my Wicked Luvs. There is no other requirement for entering the giveaway. But… I would LOVE to know why this particular painting, or Magic Love Crow’s work in general, appeals to you.

Giveaway Rules, details and stuff…

* I (or Stacy) need to be able to contact the winner. If you don’t have a website or social media profile, through which we can interact, then please add your email to your comment. If your name comes up, and I (or Stacy) have no way to contact you, we will choose another name.

* To my Canadian Luvs, before you can claim your prize, I must test your mathematical brilliance by asking you a very obscure question, such as… what’s 13 + .5? Yeah, as obscure as the law

* This giveaway ends on March 17th, 2015, at 11:59 pm, EDT. The name of the winner will be added to the end of this post on March 18th, and contacted on the same day.

* This giveaway is open worldwide, excluding any place where prohibited by law.

Edited on 3/18/16 (to announce the winner) And the winner of the giveaway is

Laura Morrigan, from Roses and Vellum

Congrats, Laura! Please send me your mailing information (magalyguerrero @ live . com).
♥ 😉 ♥

95 thoughts on “Magic Love Crow Reclaims Her All (and shares some of it with us)

  1. I’ve been enjoying watching the evolution of her work as well. There’s so much energy in the brushwork. It’s quite lively and powerful.

    “I want ‘Reclaiming My All’”

  2. “I want ‘Reclaiming My All’” I have so many of her pieces! She is a favorite person of mine and I have enjoyed watching her grow.

  3. I want Reclaiming my All. In rereading your wonderful poem, it reminded me that Take Control Ruthlessly is 2016s mantra.

  4. I, too, have watched Stacy’s growth, the depth of meaning layered in between the feathers of her Crow girls, especially! Can’t wait for Facebook to get its act together so we can see her posts on a regular basis once more! Miss you, Stacy!
    I would treasure “Reclaiming My All”!

  5. “I want ‘Reclaiming My All’”…and have a question, if by some accident I win, may I designate a person to send it to other than myself?

  6. That would be wild if she decided to go forward with her idea to start just doing what up until now were the “backgrounds.”

    What a transformation that would be!

    Still, I love the balance between the figures in the foreground and the fantastically textured backgrounds.

    • I don’t know what is going to happen! LOL! I truly follow my heart! We will see where it takes me. I know, I follow my heart, I will not go wrong! Thanks for your kind comments my friend! Hugs!

    • My selfish self hopes Stacy never stops painting he Women and Birds and her Crow Gals and her Baby Crows… And because the more I get, the more I want, I find myself also wanting that she continues to draw an abstract or three every now and again. I love what she puts on the canvas when she’s not looking for anything in particular. And I also love what she sees–her naming of abstracts is fantastic!

      Balance is yumminess. 😉

  7. I saw this painting on your IG post and thought how beautiful, It spoke to me in a very immediate way. So I thought, Ok I will go read the story behind this painting. Bam just like that another slap in the face this one just harder than the last. Like a wake up call begging me to open my eyes and see. Your poem her painting perfectly paired telling me I can reclaim my all. Thank You I WANT “Reclaiming My All”

  8. I love her art!! It is always breathtaking and extremely spiritual! Count me in, unless you consider me extremely greedy since my coveted package is on the way!!! Lots and lots of love!!

  9. Sweet Stacy has worked hard on herself and her art, and the transformation is breathtaking! Her courage and tenacity in being the best she can be is almost documented in her growth as an artist… Big fan, fell in love with the art and the artist and so awesome to see a perfect melding of 2 talented (sweet/wicked) creatives here! Oh yeah… 😍 “I want ‘Reclaiming My All’”

    • Shelle, you have too much of my art! LOL! You and Magaly, could have a garage sale with my art! LOL! I love the both of you with all my heart! And, I am so honoured to have you both as friends! Thank you!!!! Big Hugs!!! 🙂

    • Shelle, I can see exactly what you mean. The same thoughts were going through my mind as I put this post together–I saw wonderful bits of our Stacy everywhere, and was amazed by how the whole reflects the years, the learning, the living…

      Stacy, my paintings just grimaced at the thought of ever leaving my greedy claws. 😀

  10. I want “Reclaiming My All”. I sat here crying as I was reading her post before coming over to you. Your words fit so well. Stacy’s journey has been a beautiful journey of life of her crows and her reclaiming herself along the way…just as most of us have done. Your words resonate so deeply in my soul as well. The two combined in her post and in your post here has me crying and letting it all out. Thank you for sharing so much! Hugs!

  11. I’m not entering the giveaway because Stacy has already sent me some of her crow-y goodness, but I’ll still say what first made me notice Stacy’s sweet art…

    I was born in Papua New Guinea and lived there until I was 3. The stylized way Stacy paints her crows and the way she uses colour in some of her artwork reminds me of the PNG picture books I had as a child… only my story books had cassowaries and birds-of-paradise instead of crows. 🙂

  12. I’ve been missing keeping up the past few months but I’m so glad I caught this post to add my thumbs up as well! Stacy is simply the sweetest and most genuine person I know! I have a few of her pieces and treasure them greatly! Magaly, thank you for writing such an amazing post in honor of such a worthy person. 😃

  13. I want Reclaiming my All ! ☺
    Firstly, I have folowed Stacey quietly, in the background, for a long long time and she is the most beautiful, sweet and honest soul , who makes my heart smile even on the darkest of days.
    Secondly, I am going through a very dark time at the moment, with so much of me supporting others, despite my own difficulties, that there is nothing left of me anymore. I’m drained, exhausted and empty. This picture gives me hope. Hope that there is a possibility of finding myself again, of leaving and breathing and tasting life. For that Stacey, I thank you and I would be privileged to own this amazing expression of love and happiness………😊😊💖

    • It is very difficult to support others (especially in the long run) if we have no support ourselves. Yet, it happens so often. Come out and play more often, my beloved Bookgirl. As you already know, one of my biggest reason for blogging, facebooking and doing all the online bits, is to stay in touch with people who care. For we both know, that those right in front of us aren’t always as wonderful as we might want them to be.

    • Bookgirl, please come by and say hi 🙂 Don’t be in the background! I will say hi back 🙂 As Magaly said, one of the biggest reasons, of being on here, is to stay in touch with people who care! I don’t know what I would do, without all the wonderful friends I have made on the internet!
      Give yourself a hug everyday! Love yourself!
      Thank you for the kind comments!!! Big Hugs 🙂

  14. I want “Reclaiming My All!”
    I’ve just recently *met* Magaly and am pleased to *meet* you, Stacy. I work one day a week at a wildlife rehab, specializing in birds. They heal me as much as I help heal them.

  15. ” I WANT Reclaiming my all”!!!!! because I is greedy, and selfish and NEEEEDSSSSS it!!!!
    I want to stroke the yumminess of the canvas and paint, and fondle the crimson stitches that heal it’s wounds…. 😀 XXX

  16. I want “Reclaiming My All” .. I am in a spot of a jam of a bit of a…damn! That’s not how I wanted my first note to sound.. Wheedling, whining, keening, crying, begging, moaning, slightly groaning, spoiled petulant childlike adult.. I’m SUPPOSED to BE grown up. But I have this man who says, “I love you” too many times in a day, I have a dog with fleas that just WON’T go away, I have a child that I fear will fall, yet all along I’m sitting here not doing anything. At all.. One day I awoke & thought to myself, “If I don’t get the duck out of here I’m going to hell. Then I thought, “No, wait.. I’m already there” I have a life that’s no longer my own but I WANTED to have my son so I said “I don’t care”… But now he’s old enough(&so am I) & the “I love you” man tells me,”there’s no reason to always cry” & even tells me there’s nothing to cry for.. But I think there IS.. THEN, I realized what it was. What bothered me, burned me, bugged me, scolded me, twisted me, turned me, suddenly emboldened me to FINALLY SPEAK UP & SAY, “I do believe it’s time for ME TO BEGIN Reclaiming My All”….**** :)Thanx 4taking the time to read my drivel, I appreciate the effort you’ve made to read thru it, even if it was boring to you or a bit “long in the tooth” lol..*** I STILL WANT “Reclaiming My All” tho!!!!!

  17. I want Reclaiming My All! By Bahamian standards I’m early, btw. I love this post that shows the evolution of Stacey’s work. It takes me back to my childhood bringing broken-winged birds in from the field. It reminds me of nursing a wounded creature back to health and then watching the healthy creature blossom into a vibrant, thriving being. Magic.

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