Mango Eaters Make Dangerous Pirates

The sea is mango wine
fed by rivers,
kept full by clouds of mango mist
raining over mountains
of the wildest mango forests.

Fireball la Libre Sharpgrin was a born pirate.
Twenty-eight moons after her thirteenth birthday,
her cackles sailed into the Caribbean Sea.

No one warned the fish.

On her first day as a hired pirate,
Fireball consumed three sharks,
one forty-eighth of the Kraken (it was supersized)
and ate every window of Ursula’s cottage.

Years have gone
since the time of Fireball la Libre Sharpgrin’s
mid voyage snack;
dreamers are still searching the sweet waters, but
no one has been able to find Nemo.

NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Day 3 – Indulgences: “Craft a poem about spoiling your Self or the Self of another. Let decadence run wild.”
Ingredients: the Kraken, Ursula, Nemo (still missing) and mango cravings addiction.

Mango Eaters Make Dangerous Pirates“Mango Tree AKA Senor Mango”, by Leah Saulnier

32 thoughts on “Mango Eaters Make Dangerous Pirates

  1. Speaking of indulgence, my teen-aged son and I are going to our favorite Indian restaurant today for lunch. (Today’s my last day of spring break before it’s back to work next week.) One of the things on the menu is….a mango lassi. It’s a sweet dream of a yogurt drink. Omnomnom. 🙂

  2. I am laughing still as I write this, but also want to tip my hat to the craft you used to make this so lush and delicious. I love the first intro stanza, and the narrative of Cap’n Sharpgrin seems to be an entire legend unfolding! Hard to eat the kraken though, I agree–those little sucky things get stuck in your throat.

  3. Lol….I think mangoes are an addiction rather than a craving as far as you are concerned …and Pirates should always nibble a Kraken whenever possible 😀 XXX

  4. Thinking the white bits of Nemo will be found soon, lots of fun Ms Wicked, and reminds me I have (nameless) frozen mangos from our picking ready for smoothies, here’s to sipping on a little decadence and toasting your post xox

  5. See, someone mentioned the Beatles. I thought the same thing. This is… bouncy? I don’t know a better word. It had movement and felt like a song. I’m glad someone else saw that, too. Really wonderful. This event has been a delight to haunt.

  6. You had me at mango wine…And finally a pirate has replaced the infamous Jack Sparrow in my heart. Fireball gets my heart racing…or maybe it’s the mangoes. Oh hell, it’s both. I’d nibble on some Kraken with her, but I’d like it in garlic wine sauce.

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