The wisewoman grimaced at the sight of the gore covered little thing. It was bald like an egg. Her shifty dark eyes open wide, as if she had figured out the meaning of existence.

“A perky one,” the wisewoman said, handing the babe to the tight-lipped father.

The mother studied the babe and smirked at the father. No words passed between the couple, but the silence spoke the father’s feelings into the wisewoman’s head: You’ve spawned another of your kind, witch. There are seven of you now, and only one of me.

The wisewoman didn’t like the look on the father’s face. The shine in his eyes could have been the dawning of tears, but his kind didn’t cry much—it was probably dammed viciousness. She stood in front of the trio, extending her arms for the babe. “I’ll wash her off for ye,” she said.

The witch’s spawn snarled at the wisewoman, and let out a howl.

The father pulled the little beast closer to his chest, faced the moonlight that beamed through the window, and accompanied his blood in a midnight Spring howl.

How does a village get ready for a moonchild? the wisewoman thought, leaving the room.

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– Linked to Sanaa’s Prompt Nights: “Let us walk together in the Moonlight”.

Moonlight through the Window“Moonlight through the Window”

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  1. Aww… Moonchild with huge dark eyes… Lovely note!!
    And absolutely magical picture to illustrate… reminds our dacha.. when it’s full moon and the whole garden is lit by its light.. magical! I am going to experience this again soon.

  2. Whistles!!! Such an incredibly riveting tale Magaly 😀 especially enamored with “How does a village get ready for a moonchild?” Sigh.. makes me want to know more 😀 Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤❤

    Lots of love,

    • I’m rereading–yes, I seem to like to re-experience my torture, lol! I’m on chapter 111. It took me almost two weeks to read, and for me that’s the equivalent of like 6 months. But yes, the moment I picked it up to reread it, I thought of you and your epic journey. 😀

  3. Oh, so interesting , sounds like a strange tiny babe , this moonchild. I would like to know more. I like the image of father holding the babe and howling at the moon,, in celebration I hope 🙂

  4. You have led us in so well and now we want more! However for the moment it looks as father and son are bonded and are howling at the moon already. Clearly he is a good father!

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