My Wailing Howls

Brendan asked us to “find [our] still place in a poem.” Because “in times of turmoil within and without, the carved language of poetry can provide a rare bower of grace and wonder. When all is seemingly lost—and, strangely, especially, sometimes only then—a singing heart can find its grail.”

“My Wailing Howls”

Woe sinks teeth
in my fleshy bits
and I scream


I breathe out
my wailing howls
and run
for the trees:

Nature always knows
how to love me,

and brings me back
from the brink. 

When woe sinks teeth
in the fleshiest bits of my being,
I fly for the woods
remembering: My love grows
on trees…

even on the butchered,
bloodied bits.

the wee notes…
– Linked to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (Sunday Mini-Challenge, Still Points) and to Sanaa’s Prompt Nights (Brevity’s the flower that contends not with bunch, rather it blooms).
– Woe’s teeth have been specially sharp these last few days. May we all find our loving woods.


51 thoughts on “My Wailing Howls

  1. I’ve always sought out nature to heal my turmoil, especially the forest with it’s healing waters and woodland guardians. I wish you peace, and protection from those sharp biting teeth ♡

  2. Whistles!!❤️💜 This is absolutely incredible writing, Magaly 🤗 I could sense the emotions in each and every verse and fell deeply in love with “When woe sinks teeth in the fleshiest bits of my being,I fly for the woods remembering: My love grows on trees…” May the power and love of mother nature continue to heal our hearts and souls. Sigh.. beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤️💜

    Lots of love,

  3. In agony there is nothing like a little cool ice for the brow — that first, glancing, welcoming touch — Here it is the embrace of the forest, those fleeting first steps, before taking in the bloody bits hanging from everything. Holding that moment of grace in stillness is what we can give each other. Lord knows we all need it.

  4. I do love how the pain can be turned down by trees… maybe there is a universal truth there and trees can save us… sounds strange, but I like my woodland garden in that way.

  5. “…Nature always knows
    how to love me..” That she does, and we must know how to love back, despite the teeth of woe–you always do, Magaly, one of the things I love about *you*. Love is our best ammunition in the struggle ahead.

  6. I’m waiting to see how many of the real toads talk about finding stillness in nature. I’m guessing a lot. There’s nothing like the *realness* of the Earth to ground us.

  7. Nature in its many forms is such a calming influence, reassuring us that all will be well when we look after each other and often providing the cure for all our ills. Beautifully written Magaly.

  8. Run for the trees.

    It has been a rough few days. I’d like to believe, and I think I do believe, that the universe, nature, the power behind everything will surpass all of our straw houses in the end. The roots go deeper than any system we build.

    So we’re going to be alright.

    But still, woe’s teeth.

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