My Weird Sisters

The natural size of a coven is one,
and we are

one Motherly Maiden,
one Youth-Filled Crone,
one Me (wicked dark)

and healing
(with word and deed),
we bring balance
into our coven of one…

my Weird Sisters and Me.

Process Note: “The natural size of a coven is one” is a direct quote from Witches Abroad, the third book of Terry Pratchett’s Witches,  also the twelfth of his Discworld Series. Pratchett’s satirical writing is filled with wit that leaves readers roaring madly… and thinking critically.

A Later Note (added 8/8/15): When I first published this poem, I said that the quote came from Wyrd Sisters. I bet Pratchett and DEATH found it funny.

Wyrd Sisters by SharksDen“Wyrd Sisters: Discworld Cover Painting”, by SharksDen

19 thoughts on “My Weird Sisters

  1. It’s interesting because very recently I had been reading up on the benefits of community versus solitary practice. I think there is definitely a place for community (with the understanding that community doesn’t equal utopia) but that said, there is a lot to be gained by owning the strength of being solitary.

  2. Until the last few years, I lived in small rural areas where there was no possibility of even coming out of the broom closet, much less finding a coven. After moving to bigger, more populated areas and trying to get involved with Pagan groups, I decided Solitary was best for me. That being said, I do love the witchy ladies I have found here on Facebook!
    Love the poem and it’s meaning. I have got to re-read Pratchett!

    • Being able to choose is a wonderful thing. We can celebrate who and what we are, in the privacy of our own hearts and we can choose to share it with others, too. The Internet has birth a lot of miracles when it comes to that. I’m sure you and I aren’t the only one whose witchy sisters live too far away for the sharing of weekly dinners. ♥

  3. This is tricky. Hmmm. I am solitary by nature. But that’s safe to me. I contradict this when teaching my family. So I think being strong to stand alone allows for generousity towards others. I search for balance in this idea.

  4. I think this is right. Healthy debate is good but there’s been some eyewateringly ugly (and public) squabbles in the community and I’m not even a member; I just stumble over them on line. Thanks to the Internet (which I think needs its own Tarot card) it’s possible to be part of the community and stay comfy with the cauldron at home.

  5. Love the poem Magaly, and as you know I am madly in love with Sir Terry’s magical world on a disc.

    As for the benefits of a coven I go back and forth on the subject, but 3 is an excellent number.

    • You and I both. What’s not to love, right? And three is such a symbolic number… When it comes to Pratchett, I always think that Granny, Nanny and Magrat are three who are one; for without each other, the others don’t function quite properly.

  6. I love it, of course. Cackling. There is a folk group in Canada called the Wyrd Sisters and they are WONDERFUL. I adore them!!!!!! if you can find them online, listen to Solitary Waves. It will BLISS YOU OUT! I saw them perform live in a small house concert and OMG, I was so totally smitten. I grinned like a Cheshire Cat through the entire performance then bought all their albums. They make me want to sing again. And sometimes I do.

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