Notice Her Bright

The night the sun loved the dark side of the moon,
oceans waved all the way to the clouds,
mountains quaked
until their centers felt heat from millennia past;
in New York City,
a blue jay forgot his green pepper pilfering fetish,
and sang of first lost loves…

After the celestial climax,
an angel of gold was born in suburbia;

made of light and shadow,
of universal love and magic lust,
she was perfect.

On her birth night, the angel flew
from one terrestrial corner to another,
laughing and shining…

wondering why so many of Gaia’s children
failed to notice her bright.

for Poets United, Poetry Pantry 262

Angel of Gold in Suburbia, by Michelle Kennedydetail from “Angel of Gold in Suburbia”, by Michelle Kennedy

47 thoughts on “Notice Her Bright

    • There is something about Shelle’s work and your work that takes hold of me. I can always find so much in the things you guys paint. So I guess the things you paint have a way with my words. 😉

  1. It is so much easier to notice the dark troubles than the flying bright. Thank you for the reminder! I hope the jay is done with his pilfering for the season. May Shelle and Gina never quit fueling your mind and heart with words to share! Thank you all, ladies!

  2. What a delightful verse with this wonderful illustration….I agree with so many, you paint such a vivid picture with your words that I can see that brilliant angel being born on that ‘night the sun loved loved the dark side of the moon’.

  3. great story – i love the use of fantasy here

    but there’s a part of me that you’re talking about abandoned children. (or i am just overanalyzing things)

    really great writing though

    • I think you felt something I projected without truly meaning to; for I’ve always thought of Gaia as child and mother. She feeds us, but if we don’t care for her (as we would a child we love) then she’ll be no more…

  4. So nice to see you in the Pantry, kiddo! I love all the action in this poem – especially the ocean all the way up to the stars, and the angel flitting about at the end….this poem is sprinkled with fairy dust!

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