October Is Tears and Laughter

October is gingerbread kisses,
whispered by transparent lips
that warm sorrow-filled hearts
and leave neck hairs standing

on trembling feet. October
is a chunk of spiced skull cake,
and a cauldron bubbling
with pumpkin chili.

October is books of stories
full of souls that will stay alive
in memories of gingerbread,
pumpkin and skull cake

spiced with tears

and laughter.

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witchs-coloring-book-1-drawing-by-kathleen-edwards(I’m pretty sure this skeleton is laughing… or at least, cackling.)
From Llewellyn’s Witch’s Coloring Book,
drawing by Kathleen Edwards, coloring by moi.

67 thoughts on “October Is Tears and Laughter

  1. Love this, I would like some “gingerbread kisses, “pumpkin chili” and “skull cake” I want it all, 🙂 even my “neck hairs standing”, ha ha. Thank you so much for the pleasure your poem brought,,

  2. You really capture it all… the tears and laughter, the sweet and spicy… really love the way you used food to describe it (though it all sounds delicious)..
    To me October might be lukewarm liver stew.

  3. October is gingerbread kisses,
    whispered by transparent lips
    that warm sorrow-filled hearts

    A lot being whispered of October’s impending end. Apparently many will miss warm October in the face of the cold months!


  4. You have caught the flavor of the season in your net of words so perfectly. I miss Autumn, that crisping of the air, the excitement as we wait for change. Beautiful piece, Magaly!

  5. You have characterized October so well.
    “Spiced with tears and laughter.” So true.
    And I will miss it when it is over. Sigh.

  6. For an old guy still alive with failing eyesight I was amazed to see “Love the girls” massage oil in the side bar so a few tears were shed along with hollow laughter for this October.

  7. Liking this one, Magaly. It is full of mated contrasts, my favorite is “cauldron bubbling with pumpkin chili.” That is the most horrid dish that I can think of, chili should not go with the delicious fruit, pumpkin.

      • I might like a taste, it doesn’t seem right. I didn’t realize it was an actual prepared dish, sorry to put it down. (I am one of those who don’t like some foods, but some of those I really haven’t eaten.) How about the spiced skull cake?

        • No worries, Jim! There are many foods I can’t stand. For instance, my husband and my stepdaughter love certain dumplings. I dislike the things so much that whenever they eat it, I have to leave the room, lol!

          The spiced cake is delicious. I add fresh carrots and a bit of Baileys Irish Cream… It’s delicious.

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