Of Banshees and Clean Underpants

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

The old heart slowed as summer began to fall towards October.

She howled her promise into the night.

When her cry was swallowed by the roaring of too much city, she ran… but arrived too late—Death took her friend before the Banshee could warn her to change into clean underpants.

Process Note
: a couple of days ago, I spent time with a group of ladies who have lived for a very long time. We were discussing myths associated with death, when one of them said, “It might be nice to befriend a banshee.” I asked why, and she answered, “Am I the only one who would like some warning, so I can change into clean underpants before the big trip?” Then, pointing towards the city, she added, “With all this damn noise, the banshee might not be able to shriek loud enough.”

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Lucy, by A Little Company
“Lucy”, by A Little Company, “Forever in mid joyful expression, in a natural state of being, she is sure to inspire and remind you to live life to the fullest.”

42 thoughts on “Of Banshees and Clean Underpants

  1. You have such a gift. You took the wry wisdom of friendly crones and turned them into such vivid word play! Makes me want to be sure and carry clean underpants in my purse, just in case, because I now live in a big city and might barely hear the banshees scream!

  2. Is the moral of this story to always wear clean underpants, or not to rely on the supernatural in a super-techno world…or perhaps both–either way, so clever and so cool–and really, these are the stupid worries one has about mortality as one ages–nothing like the posturing heroics of one’s more romantic younger days, like ‘will you miss me, will you be sorry you said that??’–no, it’s will they find me before I start to smell? and yes, the underpants thing. ;_)

    • I’m always in awe at the collection of morals these ladies share with those of us fortunate enough to understand just how valuable their company is. The youngest of the group is 79-years-wicked… Their conversations dance around the realm of hilarity… but deep under the laugh layers one can always find wisdom that can only be obtained through many years of paying attention to the world.

      I love what say about the things that truly matter in the end. We go through life worrying about so much… and when death comes to get us, very few things seem as important.

      Might as well pack clean undies for that final trip… and smile like a lunatic while we wait. 😀

  3. I adore this! I don’t suppose your ladies would appreciate my solution to this possible scenario which would be to forego the uncomfortableness that is women’s panties.

  4. Oh, my, I do love Lucy, she’s beautiful. My grandmother was a cleannik though she grew up with no indoor plumbing. She’d say she washed in a basin; she’d wash down as far as possible and as far up as possible and then, she’d wash possible. She was a lady who loved to laugh.

  5. My mother use to say ‘ always wear a decent pair of underwear, u never know if u might be in an accident’… how many times have all us girls have heard that line? love that statue- it fits your post well.

    • My grandma was obsessed with clean undies and dying… and clean dishes as night and dying. Still today, I can’t go to be with dirty dishes in the sink. I don’t care if I die and a friend has to do my dishes–I would do it for them, so I know they would do it for me… but I’m always worried my grandma will find a way to pull my toes in the middle of the night (or my ear) and remind me to go do the dishes, lol!

  6. Oh!!! Underwear!! So true!!!
    You know how always before your gynecologist appointment you wear nice underwear and take extra care of your privates? When I was pregnant every single pair of underwear felt bad and painful except two weird torn apart pairs. I had tried everything, bought every brand I could find but nothing worked.
    Since my doctor, was one of those fancy ones that let you change into hospital gowns in a different room, I once went wearing one of those underwear that by that time it had a huge hole right in the middle, the size of my fist , at the point I did not know why I wasn’t going commando… I thought why not be comfortable since I have been there so many times and the procedure is always the same…
    It was the one time he told me to take down my clothes for a quick look… I thought I was going to die! I prayed so hard not to look down but he did.. Once very quickly and a second time as if he wasn’t sure he processed the information correctly! Oh the surprise written on his face lasted only for a second, and he acted as if he didn’t notice, but it still haunts me.
    And because he was a guy, I wasn’t feeling comfortable sharing things like the weird pain of underwear, so I couldn’t explain!!!
    So, the clean underwear wish…infinite wisdom!!

    • Oh, my brilliant Shelle, you. Right you are; spending an afternoon with the ladies is like taking years in Life’s University. We talk about living and loving and laughing… and most times, we speak for long hours about pain and how not to let the bastard rule our living our loving or our laughing. They are wonderful souls… 🙂

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