Of Death in the Dark

I’m welcoming October with a bit of flash fiction with death in it. Since trees around these parts are celebrating the month by letting their leaves fall to their color-filled death, I thought it would be only proper to celebrate the autumnal end, which ensures a new beginning in spring.

“Of Death in the Dark”

Sitting by the fire, he asks Santa Muerte, “Would you October me strange?”

She says, “Crows whisper of death in the dark, a poet listens and howls of love alive.”

“Crows are cruel creatures, my lady.”

“No, crows are wise… poets valuable. Man’s a fool. Roasted fools taste so good!”

He tries ignoring the flames.

the wee notes…

– Linked to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (Flash 55 Plus).
Happy October, my Wicked Luvs!
– Yes, this one birthed a healthy giggle out of me (plus a cackle or three).

And these are the Poem Bits that inspired the wee tale:




49 thoughts on “Of Death in the Dark

  1. OMG LOVED this! I will never again sit by a campfire, or even a fireplace. Ever! Terrified I will not taste good and be a fool in the afterlife. 🙂

    Enjoyed all those Peregrine haiku too! What wierdo kids…..

  2. Ooooh, very cool, despite the fire! You take the 55 it to another level with compact, dark and delightful morsel. I love it, and the images you created to accompany the verse. I’m cackeling into my black, black coffee right now.

  3. This piece flowed smoothly and worked well as a tiny story. Would love to see what happens to characters before/after this scene! So rich with word play!

  4. Magaly, I love seeing all the yellow leaves on the walkways of Central Park. Sooo pretty. I envision your leaves there, the other characters as well.
    They ‘October’ me mellow.
    p.s. I’m way behind in returning comments. We drove to Alexandria, (central) Louisiana, for Mrs. Jim’s family reunion Saturday. I’m still behind on lots of things, returning Saturday comments included.

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