Of Hekate in the Fall

When mountains pull autumn out of the closet
and dandelions offer summer’s last wish,
Hekate readies her torches for the fall.

Before trees bare their limbs for winter
and holly berries blush thinking of snow,
Hekate watches Persephone’s path

into the Underworld.

While Demeter mourns her daughter’s absence
and Hades delights in his wife’s safe return,
Hekate charms pines into greening

until spring sprouts once more.

the wee notes…
– Greek Mythology says that Hekate is the goddess of the crossroads, witchcraft, ghosts… In the myth of Persephone and Demeter, Hekate helps Demeter search for Persephone after Hades takes the latter into the Underworld. The idea of Hekate as a sidekick is a bit outrageous. I make myself feel less silly by suggesting that in the myth that returns spring to the world, Hekate is important but not the main character. So please note that mythology suggests nothing (that I know of) about Hekate watching Persephone’s journey into the Underworld or charming pines. These are just my muse’s imaginings for Rommy’s prompt, at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Sidekicks in the Spotlight: “take a peripheral or sidekick character… and give them a voice.”
– Linked to Poets United: Midweek Motif ~ Equinox, Equator

And if you are celebrating, like moi, have the best Autumnal Equinox
(or Verna Equinox, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere)
May Hekate’s torches shine bright, while we are playing in the dark

hecate-by-lisa-im-laerm“Hecate”, by Lisa-Im-Laerm

67 thoughts on “Of Hekate in the Fall

  1. Love it! And I blush at the thought of winter because I literally freeze, I have a hard time keeping warm. I hope your cold has gotten better so you can celebrate fully. Blessed Autumnal Equinox 🍁

  2. LOL, it definitely works with the mythological sources I remember. I like this image of a goddess of mysteries holding silent witness to one of the earth’s great cycles.

  3. Oh, I love this one, Magaly, especially thes lines:
    ‘When mountains pull autumn out of the closet
    and dandelions offer summer’s last wish,’
    ‘Before trees bare their limbs for winter
    and holly berries blush thinking of snow’ – superb!

  4. Like it, Magaly. I’m glad thst your imagination gland is functioning well. This was ago reminder for me of Phosphorine’s role . We don’t have a harsh winter here being close to the Texas Gulf Coast. We hardly never get snow and if it freezes it isn’t generally a hard one.

    • I think life gives us all kinds of roles. We can’t be the main characters in every story. So even those with the power to unmake the world might stand aside, every now and again, and give the spotlight to others, in order to keep the world turning in balance.

      And charming pines has to be really fun. 🙂

  5. I guess that you might be side-kick (or an important background in one tale) but hero in another… or maybe it’s the story that is told and not reality that makes her sidekick… myths and stories do that, and many things are just our imagination that makes them sidekick.. Thank you for introducing me to Hekate.

  6. Such a stunning post, start to finish. That opening line is sheer brilliance and the poem is the perfect compliment of the season. The art is magnificent.

  7. Wonderful writing, Magaly! I love the way you have used the Persephone myth in connection with the Equinox theme and the inclusion of Hecate was a bonus!
    I was raised on a diet of Greek myths… 🙂

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