Of Pigeons and Perverts and Other Complexities

Most of you know of my love—I’m-going-to-pull-every-single-one-of-your-freaking-feathers-you-thieving-bastard relationship with certain blue jay. Well, I guess, this is truer for those of you who follow me on Facebook, where I do much of my ranting.

My blue jay fiend hasn’t been around lately. I’m sort of worried about him. I wonder if he has been finally put in his place by a mad pigeon who has already claimed some of his head feathers. To think of it, the pigeon has also been MIA. The bees, too…

I wouldn’t mind it too much, if the blue jay finds another urban garden to terrorize. But I would miss the cooing of the pigeons. And if they leave, I would miss out on some gifts—the bloom below was dropped into one of my pots by one of them.

Lately, I’ve had issues with certain people (a few men and a couple of women) who felt it necessary to share some of their rather inappropriate and somewhat disgusting romantic feelings towards me, which they say were inspired by my words. Since none can control how art affects others, I’ve done my best to ignore these things. Some of the reactions are quite humorous (goodness knows Emma has a blast comforting me).

But the more disturbing ones were starting to get to me. So much so, that I almost considered rethinking some of the topics that feed my poetry and prose… Then, an Instagram friend said, “Your words have been getting me through a TOUGH week, lady. My grandma passed away last week and my family on that side can be cold. It’s been tough but your words and posts have really helped THANK YOU.”

I know grief. I’ve felt it crack my rib cage open, leaving my heart exposed. Hearing that I’ve helped soothe some of that pain for another, convinced me not to change a thing about the writing I post online. For I, who has kissed loss on the mouth, have also danced with hope… and hope is a delightful thing to spread, to feed into poems.
from “Loving You through the Veil

The bean, which I accidently on purpose planted in my Montauk daisy pot, is about to offer a harvest. Go on, laugh. You are allowed. I giggle wildly every time I look at the pods… mostly because I completely plan to cook the three beans growing in it.

One of my friends and I have been discussing the nature of relationships—that wild dance of give and take, which would never work if those involved don’t respect and understand each other’s wants and needs. Remnants of those conversations were in my mind, while I crafted the blackout below. I believe in those words. When passion is mixed with thinking and loving and compromise, the horrors that tend to destroy relationships become conquered monsters to laugh at, topics of which to say, “Look at what we can do together, baby. Let’s do more.”

the heights of passion
will destroy ego, Honey.
there’s nothing sexier.

The gift from the pigeon (or from some other bird) has just bloomed. I used to think that it was a sunflower. But it’s very tiny (the size of a silver dollar) so I’m no longer sure. But it doesn’t matter much… You see, my Wicked Luvs, I believe that when it comes to feathered thieves and to art and to relationships and to life’s little (and big) surprises, the nature of the thing isn’t as important as what the thing makes us feel.

I’m feeling good, good, great…

…and you?

29 thoughts on “Of Pigeons and Perverts and Other Complexities

  1. I absolutely adore pigeons!❤️ How wonderful is that bloom 😀 i would love to see what it looks like later on! Sigh.. I can imagine your terror and disgust over the things those perverts must have said to you.. hugs.. don’t pay mind to them and never doubt your writing… it’s beautiful and has the power to heal people!❤️

    I am good! Just a little busy shifting to a new apartment 😘🍹

  2. Your veil poem is exquisite..an instant pull on my soul…a very strong and beautiful grip on me…wowness!

    Hope your feathered friends return, I have a sweet bluejay that visits and charms me! I love your gorgeous flower, a sacred gift from them! It is pretty amazing when creatures create gardens for us!

    Sad to hear you have had some unpleasant comments, I can relate, at times it makes you want to shut down..but SO glad you are shining on anyways, keep creating as you are! yay! So remarkable a feeling when you know you have lifted someone’s grieving heart …your poetry has that power and it is a gift!

    Glad you are feeling good….me too

    • How is it that everyone gets sweet blue jays, but my visitor is so mean? LOL! Just kidding. I love that he is feisty and I’m always fighting with him. He has not returned yet, he’s probably in love again… or with family. *finger crossed* The pigeons mostly come to fight with him. I’v no idea why…

      I wrote the Veil poem for my little brother, my heart and tears and bits of laughter went into it, so I understand the pull. And I’m glad you felt it, too.

      Perverts will be perverts and we will forget about them. Unless they become a real problem. If that happens, we’ll take care of them.

      Hugs and kisses, to you!

  3. Your words are magic. I’ve always thought so. I’m glad that despite some people’s odd notions about your romantic availability you’ll continue to gift people with your words. People are going to be weird anyway. May as well enjoy yourself by writing. 😀

  4. Oh, I hope you don’t ever censor your art to avoid fanning… um… unwanted flames. It’s a slippery slope because you could publish your grocery list and there will always be someone who will take offence… or perhaps even be a supermarket fetishist. 😉 ❤

    The truth is, I really loathe what those individuals are doing with their lascivious allusions! It’s a power thing, plain and simple. They don’t need to share their secret thoughts with you. It’s not innocent flattery. Or benign honesty. It’s designed to produce a reaction. To toy with you and test your boundaries. Your art is your art, it is NOT an invitation to personal intimacy with strangers. I know we’ve had a chuckle about it all — which is entirely at their expense — because it takes the weight out of their actions by laughing at them, but what they have done is NOT okay… no matter how they might like to justify it to you… or themselves.

    • We can laugh between us–otherwise I might explode or punch something–but you are completely correct, this sort of behavior will never be okay. They need to understand that. And stop.

  5. Well, obviously some people have no care for another’s boundaries. I hope you set them straight (you did have your hammer, right?). Please, never censor yourself!

    • I think some people have never even heard of boundaries.

      There will be no censoring. If I ever feel that sort of madness lurking around my mind, I shall email you and ask for a cyber-slap to reboot my logic.

  6. *can’t believe you haven’t shared those “inappropriate” words with us* I have no idea as to what you would find “inappropriate” lol…other than offering violence towards loved ones….and they know your a wicked witch right?
    *and why don’t I get inappropriate suggestions???{sulky face}*
    😉 XXX

    • I refuse to put that thing on my blog. I’m afraid all the cyber-goblins will run away in disgust. But… I could send you some of them. Then, after you stop retching, we can discuss what might be wrong with their brain-housing-group.

      Careful what you wish for…

  7. Do you need some friendly hexing for certain folks? ^^

    And YAY, A PENIS PLANT!!! Sometimes I think of those historic rumors that witches would collect the penises of people around the village and keep them wiggling in a special drawer … and I think, heck yes! And then I think about penises growing on trees, wiggling as they ripen, and … yeah, I’m not right in the head. But you knew that, right?

    • I wonder if said rumors also had instructions for vagina trees. If not, I won’t know what to do with some of the unwelcome perverts.

      “…penises growing on trees, wiggling as they ripen, and … yeah, I’m not right in the head.” Bwahahaha!

  8. Since I am not fond of the invasive pigeon, a bird who does not care whose patio chair he poops on, I am going to give credit to the sweet blue jay for dropping that seed into your pot. I am hoping it blooms into a beautiful flower, or perhaps a grocery item to go with your upcoming three-bean salad. OMG heaven forbid it blooms a poison plant, for the blue jay will be doomed forever! As for your thoughts of “wild dance of give and take”, in my kitchen there hangs a plaque that reads” Blessed is the home where each puts the other’s happiness first”. We kind of live by that rule. Works for us! Happy Day Missy Magaly. xo

  9. Hey Magaly!
    Sorry about the disgusting “romantic” things some ding dongs shared with you!! Ugg!!! Use your hammer girl! Never change you or your words!! I’m glad you had Emma by your side!!!
    Love your poems and your little sunflower!
    Big Hugs 🙂

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