Of Skulls, Wild Blessings, Pain and Ink

I got out of bed counting skulls. I always find healing in the act of counting blessings. If you know me a bit, you aren’t wondering about my use of the words skulls and blessings in the same paragraph—I love skulls, and recalling the tales of how they got to me is quite soothing.

Take the skull in the photo below, as an example. It’s a gift from my friend Lynne, mistress of the Insomniac’s Attic. She gave it to me during her last visit to New York City… in which we delighted in old books, got lost looking for an antique shop that insisted on hiding behind a delivery truck, and witnessed a rather irresponsible New Age seller tell a customer that onyx stones would give her telepathic powers.
Weeks later, the outrage I felt towards the seller’s statement (and the amusement my reaction brought to Lynne’s face) makes me laugh like a maniac. Laughter heals. The same is true of rituals and symbols. That’s the idea behind the grouping in the image: a frog from Stacy, a skull from Lynne, rosemary from Gina, and a mini-book from Emma, every piece sitting on a stone and a shell that holds its own tale. Even the black ribbon has a story, and telling myself all those tales (and laughing) pushes the aches away. Yes, it’s magic.

After saying goodbye to the frog, skull, rosemary and book, I started breakfast and made my bed. The quilt filled me with warm grins. It’s a handfasting present from my Mother-in-Law. As my not-so-perfect picture shows, the squares make an M or a W (for Magaly & William). And yes, the stitching forms lovely hearts. How cool is that, my Wicked Luvs? How could pain and exhaustion ever compete against the love put into such thought-filled gift?

Some gifts are unexpected treasures. The memories of when I first saw them always rush through me like a wave of ecstatically surprised endorphins. Yep, I’m referring to the bee kissing crabapple blossoms in the photo below. I was gifted this glimpse into Nature’s crafty magic, right after having spent a couple of hours searching for mushrooms. The search was a total fiasco… So, I was justifiably disappointed. Then I saw the bee… and the blooms… and I was delighted. Oh yes, I’m grinning like a lunatic, just thinking about it.

I’m writing this post while my heat pad does its magic on the pain that kicks my back. And “Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!” I’m smiling, as I think of gifts… of friends… of spring… of skulls… of wild magic… of every experience life has inked into my blood… and of how lucky I am to have the strength to craft them into poems and stories to share with you.

Do you count personal blessings? If so, do tell me of a wee blessing that brings all sorts of gigantic smiles to your face. Yummy grows yummier when spread. Really. 😉

27 thoughts on “Of Skulls, Wild Blessings, Pain and Ink

  1. Beautiful write my Dearest Magaly! I did laugh out loud, from my belly, the store owner telling a customer that onyx will give someone telepathic powers! Oh, if we had only know that one, laughing again. My personal blessings are seeing my hummingbirds at the feeder, knowing that they made it through the hard storm last night. If those little guys can weather a storm like that, so can I. Phone calls from kindred spirits, my bed, my heating pad, my crazy minature poodle (who wears his dreadlocks proudly!), way too many blessings to count!

    Your post is beautiful, the quilt, the heating pad, your treasured shopping trip! The laughs! They are all cherished blessings that bring light and love into our lives…one day at a time. Big Hugs

  2. Ooooh this is lovely!!❤️ I like those onyx stones 😀 they are so intriguing! The quilt makes me wanna snuggle into bed with a cup of coffee… sigh..❤️ such a thoughtful gift from your mother-in-law Magaly 😀 it shows her love and affection for you guys. The picture of those blooms is absolutely breath-taking! A perfect moment captured 🙂

    Aww I hope your back isn’t hurting a lot.. sending love and hugs!❤️ I count my blessings everyday for friends and family, the constant love for learning and writing poems.. and (most importantly) for having you in my life!❤️ Thank you for always being there for me 😀 xo

    • My back is being a bit of a bastard, but I expect things will better tomorrow. If not, I will threaten it with a not-so-gentle talk from the great people in my life *wink, wink, wink*.

  3. That quilt was indeed made with ❤️!! A blessing I have is my cat. Tho the reason I have her is connected w/ someone who I no longer have anything to do with. She came after not having a pet for 5 years after the passing of our 🐶..she’s a blessing because she showed me that I can open my heart to a 4 legged eating machine. She is loyal, unconditional and doesn’t hold grudges the way some humans may do..her needs are simple. The best part she knows when I am blue and when I am in physical pain. Animals don’t ask. They just do on instinct

    • Furry friends are the best. I miss sharing my life with one–I suspect that’s the reason why I go so nuts over puppy and kitty pics, lol. I am glad you and your cat have such a wonderful relationship. Some blessings purr.

  4. I got a heart squeeze reading this post! ^_^ ♥ The photos are gorgeous!

    And a laugh at the shenanigans you and Lynne got up to in New York City! 😀

    I spend a lot of my time thinking of myself as rather a misfit. I feel like a lot of the time I think very differently to other people and I just go through the motions when I step out my front door, so that I can function in this world. But through the internet, I’ve *met* people, like you, who I feel connected to. Not that I’m suggesting by any means that we’re all exactly the same, but there is a connection. Maybe we’re a delightful band of misfits? Whatever it is… it is a blessing! ♥ ♥ ♥

    • I was just talking to my Piano Man about the Internet as a blessing. For the same reasons you mention–I, too, have found souls that dance with mine *wink, wink* through the web. Also, for those of us who can’t get out much, it’s a fantastic way to maintain relationships. I think I would go completely mad (we all know I’m already half mad) without this blog… and the people it has brought into my life. Yes, “we’re a delightful band of misfits”, and thank goodness for that!

  5. Some gifts are unexpected treasures. The memories of when I first saw them always rush through me like a wave of ecstatically surprised endorphins.

    A poet and an artist will feel that surge mainly because they are personalities sensitive to such artistic elements. It is a blessing Magaly!


  6. You, my dear, are a gift and a blessing to all that know you. The way you handle life makes you such an inspiration. Sometimes when I am experiencing what I think as something difficult, I am saved by a magical cackle flying through the ether. Thanks for being in my life!

    • And I thank the universe for having you in mine, my sweet Sharon. Like Emma mentioned above, and echoed, the Internet has blessed us in ways that are glorious. How else would we have found each other? And goodness knows that we need this gift.

  7. My heart is smiling!!! This is such a beautiful post Magaly!! I have to admit, reading Emma’s comment, I agree with her so much!! Being the crow gal, I am, you don’t “fit” into many places! Which, I don’t care, I keep my head high. Having come onto the internet, I have found people that have touched my soul and get me and I get them! They are true blessings in my life everyday!! Thank you for being the wonderful person you are!!!
    Big Hugs and Much Love! 🙂

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