Of Your Twilight, the Darkness

Shadows can’t be without light… just like me. Without you, twisting my limbs in our secret garden of little deaths, I can’t find the Self that makes Me. In the Solstice of my tale, you are Sun—growth and blaze, life… and the rest. I know you fear full night. I taste the truth in words you touch to my lips, in caresses you banter to keep, in every rebel gasp my voice rips out of that bit in your mind you’ve wished didn’t whole who you are…

let me be the heart
of your twilight, the darkness
balancing the light

the (not so) wee notes…
– Of the Twilight the Darkness is the name of a goblin in Raising Steam, by Terry Pratchett. It’s one of my favorite names for a character… ever.
– Over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Karin asked us to join her in a wee writing exercise: pick a letter, then a word, then write, write, write… Don’t erase. Don’t fix. Don’t stop and dance the Twist. Fine, I lied about the dancing restriction. So, dance wildly if you want. I always do. It is great for the ink. After dancing like the happiest of all writing maniacs, I chose the letter “S”… “Shadows” danced out of my pencil… and I wrote about Shadow and Light and Solstice and Love and Balance… The poem you’ve just read is the Heart and Soul and Center of the wild draft.

click HERE to see the complete stitched poem bit

41 thoughts on “Of Your Twilight, the Darkness

  1. Damn…there’s a dark passion tugging away in here. But it seems the participants knew that passion could be ungentle at times – and perhaps even prefer it that way.

  2. A very passionate poem, and lovers certainly do mirror each other sometimes in very contrasting ways. Very romantic, thanks so much for playing along, and also love your Pratchett name. (I miss him so much.) All best, k.

  3. Winter Solstice Blessings Magaly!
    Everything you write, is truly amazing! Love!!!
    (thank you for the complement about my banner painting! Everything is transitioning! )
    Big Hugs and Much Love to you and your loved ones over the holidays!!!

  4. There’s always that shiver of recognition with these words. I know the thoughts and feelings, like a mirror. The ink. The mud. The dreams. It all speaks loudly. Thank you for writing.

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