Expanding Wee Bits of Dark Fiction and Poetry, 5

Yep, there has been renaming. Since I’ve been adding bits of poetry and fiction to images I like, scribbling on Jeremy A. Bastian’s Discordia (I told you about it on this post), and I’ve been playing with adult coloring books and other things, I felt that “From Blackout Poem Bit to Flash Fiction or Full-Length Poetry” was no longer descriptive enough.

You know how it goes, my Wicked Luvs… Below, I’ve listed the Bits of poetry and fiction I’ve shared on Instagram or Facebook since “A Spirited Soul”, winner of From Blackout Poem Bit to Flash Fiction or Full-Length Poetry, 4. Leave a comment letting me know which Bit should grow into a story or a full-length poem?

1) Which Bit do you wish me to develop?
2) Would you like your choice to be flash fiction or longer poetry?
3) *optional* Why?

Here is the short list:

I fall
in love and lust
with you
13 times a day,


13 times a day,
show me why
I will continue falling.
– handwritten (not blacked out)

“To Be Tasted”
damage ignorance.
Drink books
in volumes.
Books are to be tasted,
– blacked out from Caring for Your Book

“The Wee Memoirs of a Victorian Mourning Doll”
Click HERE to listen to the wee tale. It’s only 107 seconds long.

Having lost a leg, fighting
man’s ravishing of the land,
the fox chewed on killer-grass
and lay down to die…

death didn’t claim her—
Gaia blessed her
– handwritten on Bastian’s Discordia

I shall turn the Bit with the most votes into a story or a longer poem, depending on your choices. Please, cast your vote before Sunday, November 8th at 1:13pm EST.

– drawing, by Jeremy A. Bastian
– poetry, by Magaly Guerrero

My Reading of “The Wee Memoirs of a Victorian Mourning Doll”

I’m linking this wee audio-tale to Sanaa’s Prompt Nights: Sûrement vous plaisantez – Surely you jest (which might explain why so many people think that I’m not funny… just a tad creepy). 😀

Friends are a delicious blessing. No, my Wicked Luvs, I’m not advising you to go and devour all your friends. I’m just saying that good friends are the best at the gentle art of nudging us towards doing things we were not planning to do. And sometimes, that can be a wonderful thing. Other times, you can go to jail. But that’s a different post…

Earlier today, a good friend of mine said, “All I want for my birthday is a recording of you reading some of my favorites of your poems, nothing else.” When I offered to leave the poems on her phone, as a voicemail, she said that she wanted an MP3.

It’s her birthday. I can’t gently kick her in the teeth, and shout, “Stop being such a brat!” Instead, I called Rommy and begged for help—I had never used any of my computer’s voice recording software… Besides, Rommy is a great reader… I am not… so I was hoping some of her greatness would rub off on me. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Rommy’s reading voice, stop by her blog and listen to “Fangs, Sheathed”. Delicious!

After I finished recording my friend’s birthday present, I went ahead and read “The Wee Memoirs of a Victorian Mourning Doll” to share with you. I hope you like it:

– inspired by Long Gone Dolls’ delightfully creepy “Victorian Mourning Dolls”
– read the text HERE

I am adding the original image (I dislike that it gets cut off in the audio preview)
Victorian Mourning Dolls, by Long Gone Dolls