The Poesy of Side Effects – Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016 (Day 4)

A friend who read the announcement post, with a bit about the Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month prompts, told me that today’s “prompt might not be as funny or ‘lighthearted’ as [I] might think”. I understand where she’s coming from. I’ve been sick long enough to know that the side effects of certain medications are nothing to laugh at—except if we are talking about Viagra, for anything that speaks of erections lasting more than 5 hours is freaking funny to me.

Anyhoo, my feelings about the subject go like this: if we’re going to cry over the possible side effects of medications (we need to live), we will spend a very long time drowning in tears. Crying for too long has negative effects on the immune system, so we might as well find a way to laugh at the crap we must put in our bodies, in order to keep other crap from killing our bodies. And since the last resort treatment for my tummy issues includes medications that could leave me purple, deaf and blind, I, my Luvs, will feed my immune system all the laughter it can eat. I know that everyone isn’t able to do this, but for those of us who can, let us grin until we scare the sickness away.

So… after the last prompt, I’m sure we need something lighthearted (and deliciously insane) to shake up the gravity of government funk. I may have just the thing:

Today’s Prompt – Write a poem, in which you make ruthless fun of the horrid side effects that come with some of the medications and medical treatments that are supposed to cure an illness. WebMD’s Drugs & Medications A-Z might help with this.

Link Instructions – Leave the direct link to your poem as a comment in the following format:
“By the Neck” –

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Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016

My Desires Shined So Brightly that They Blinded Me to Everyone Else’s Needs

Sometimes we are so focused on our own desires that we fail to understand other people’s needs (and yes, by “we” I mean “me”). But thank goodness, with a bit of thinking (and a lot of thoughtful suggestions from good friends) we can often find an acceptable amount of balance.

When having a Facebook page and profile began to drive me half mad, I abandoned the profile in order to cling to the bit of sanity still sprinkling the inside of my skull. I knew the change would affect the way in which I interacted with my Wicked Luvs. I just didn’t know how deep said effect would run… especially when it came to non-bloggers.

Most bloggers use tools such as Bloglovin’ and WordPress Reader to follow updates from other bloggers. The more dedicated ones subscribe to email. But most people who are also Facebook users (bloggers and non-bloggers alike) rely on their feed for everything from remembering birthdays to keeping up with their favorite blogs.

My friend Beatrix, mysterious ghostwriter and knitter extraordinaire, suggested that I create a closed Facebook group to share links to my new blog posts. Unlike pages, updates from groups seem to be more reliable (and less difficult when one tries to come up with the right settings).

So… I’ve created Bits of Magaly Guerrero’s Blog, a Facebook group for sharing direct links to my new blog posts, and perhaps for the occasional bit of discussion. Also, since the group is closed, and I will monitor membership, those who prefer the privacy of a restricted wall *cough, cough, my dearest Miller* might find the group setting less intrusive.

Like my page, the group is another extension of my blog. This means that group members will be able to reply to posts, but the creation of new content is restricted to me. I hope this works out. I guess time will tell… To join Bits of Magaly Guerrero’s Blog, follow the LINK. *hearts bright and fingers crossed* 😉

Please feel free to share this post (actually, I would be thankful if you did). And after you join the group, I would appreciate it quite a bit if you invited friends you believe might be interested.

Edit (4/22/16): The Facebook group was deleted. It was not offering any real results.

Bits of Magaly Guerrero’s Blog