Skin to Leaf

“Beautiful that war, and all its deeds of carnage, must in time be utterly lost.” ~ Walt Whitman

The line above is not directly related to the poem that follows, but Kerry shared it, and the words stayed with me. I found myself wishing, So mote it be! For we all know that neither wishes nor prayers can come true, if enough people don’t stand behind them… believing them into reality. I wish we always remember the lessons, and forget what urges us to destroy each other.

“Skin to Leaf”

I grow peace in the purple sweet of lavender, in hardy roots that find power in their home soil, in bee-kissed blooms that scent cloud and sky. I sing of birthing green, of filling bellies, of calming dreams. I touch my cheek to a lavender sprig… and skin-to-leaf, we share our wants and needs. I chant to them of foresting stories in the soothing dark, plants hum to me of seeds in the sun and of rain in the night. I grow peace in the purple sweet of lavender, resting in scent, in color, in life.

soothe me gently, herb,
and I shall spring you stories
of blossoming dark

the wee notes…
– Linked to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (the Sisters Death and Night – Micro Poetry, Sanaa’s Prompt Nights (Rest is the sweet sauce of labor), and Poets United (Poetry Pantry, 307).
So mote it be: “so may it be” or “so it is required” or “so must it be”, similar to “amen”.

lavendera post-surgery gift from my Piano Man
(that man knows me so well)

What Would You Say to Harto, Now that So Many Whales Are Gone?

I rarely quote a passage as long as the one that follows. But the words, ideas, and the pictures said words painted in my mind stayed with me the first time I read Moby-Dick, when I was a teenager. They continued to resonate the second time I read the book, as a younger woman. And now, my third time around, well… the words just leave me incredibly troubled. I wanted to post this wee chunk from the novel, and persuade you to share your thoughts on the topic.

“Natural as it is to be somewhat incredulous concerning the populousness of the more enormous creatures of the globe, yet what shall we say to Harto, the historian of Goa, when he tells us that at one hunting the King of Siam took 4000 elephants; that in those regions elephants are numerous as droves of cattle in the temperate climes. And there seems no reason to doubt that if these elephants, which have now been hunted for thousands of years, by Semiramis, by Porus, by Hannibal, and by all the successive monarchs of the East—if they still survive there in great numbers, much more may the great whale outlast all hunting, since he has a pasture to expatiate in, which is precisely twice as large as all Asia, both Americas, Europe and Africa, New Holland, and all the isles of the sea combined.            

Moreover: we are to consider, that from the presumed great longevity of whales, their probably attaining the age of a century and more, therefore at any one period of time, several distinct adult generations must be contemporary. And what that is, we may soon gain some idea of, by imagining all the graveyards, cemeteries, and family vaults of creation yielding up the live bodies of all the men, women, and children who were alive seventy-five years ago; and adding this countless host to the present human population of the globe.

Wherefore, for all these things, we account the whale immortal in his species, however perishable in his individuality. He swam the seas before the continents broke water; he once swam over the site of the Tuileries, and Windsor Castle, and the Kremlin. In Noah’s flood he despised Noah’s Ark; and if ever the world is to be again flooded, like the Netherlands, to kill off its rats, then the eternal whale will still survive, and rearing upon the topmost crest of the equatorial flood, spout his frothed defiance to the skies.”

So… my Wicked Luvs, care to share your thoughts?