Running Wild in the City

I’ve fallen in with a rough crowd. We’ve been running around The City wearing masks, cackling like psychopaths, being all around kooky and wild; and yes, we are wearing colorful capes and tights, too… All right, so that’s a bit of a lie… I’ve actually been busy, busy, busy… My big brother and his wife are dealing with medical issues at the same time. The Boy and I have been giving them a hand by taking my nieces to school and picking them up, and helping them run errands.

Fate (in an effort to keep from being an absolute jerk-hole *goodness, there’s an image!*) has chosen not to be terrible—my gut and neuralgia are behaving beautifully (thank you, Universe!). But my hip tells a different tale. My sexy body and I don’t travel well, which is why we don’t go out much. I’ve been spending about 5 hours commuting, and my hip is spitting fiery curses.

So… being the super selfish witchy woman that I am, I’m flying-by to ask you to keep us in your thoughts. I’m mostly all right… just looking at Fate in the eyeball, baring my teeth, and growling, “Bring it on. These too shall pass”. My big brother, on the other hand, doesn’t do well around hospitals. He is sick, being sick makes him nervous, and the nerves are making him sicker… If you can, send him some thoughts that chant, Calm down. Breathe. You’ll be all right and stuff…

Running Wild in the City

My Love Remembers

With the approach of the Winter Solstice, I find myself going through old files, old boxes, old pictures, thinking of the bits of my heart that are no longer physically close to me. I wrote this one after spending some bittersweet moments browsing through photos of my little brother…

“My Love Remembers”

I bled my heart
over a porous stone,
wrapped it in dark moon,
placed it over warm honey,
fresh rosemary, sage
and cinnamon bark…

by stone and moon—spiced
and honeyed—my love
remembers yours.

for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Tuesday Platform
Heart and Honey