Tutu Thoughts

On a Sunday full of bells,
while I still
suffered prescribed white dresses
plus the horror
of beige bloomers,

I tied my skirts between my legs
and jumped on a boy’s sweaty back,
to wrap both arms around his neck

until my vise made the demon squeal.
He never tried to steal ice cream money again;
at least, not from my red purse.

As my thirty-eighth Sprouting Grass Moon blooms,

choking my wants out of a strangled life lacks
any kind of real appeal. I think
undue violence… bores me.

My arms remain a ready vise
and my hips balance blade and hammer,
but squealing demons is a waste.

On a Sunday of distant bells,
while I am
sun-clad and life-filled,
I grin at fading thieving demons
(sip coffee) and cackle at tutu thoughts.

Process Note: this might be the most unexpected poem I’ve written for the cruellest month. I was convinced that I wanted to grab the things that bring difficulty to my life and shake them until they squealed. And I tried writing just that… I tried hard… Then I started laughing, because I realized that metaphorically kicking the living lights out of my afflictions gave me no pleasure. On the other hand, cackling while I mentally watched them squirm as their hold over me melted away, well… that made me grin like a half-crazed lunatic. I liked it. I liked it a lot *cackles witchy style*.

for NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Day 26 – Speak to Your Affliction: Metaphorically sit in front of the thing (or person) that ails you, and let your poem tell it (him or her) exactly what’s in your mind.

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Speak to Your Affliction

Sometimes, we just want to scream at something (or someone) that drives us insane. Perhaps, we want to have some stern words with the pimple that always appears when least wanted, or with the person who parks in front of our driveway on the day we need to leave the house in hurry, or with the physical pain that insists on hurting more intensely on the morning when we must look sharp and fresh for a job interview. Well, my Wicked Luvs, let’s let them have it.

For day 26 of NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Metaphorically sit in front of the thing (or person) that ails you, and let your poem tell it (him or her) exactly what’s in your mind.


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