International Day of Twerking Riot

The sacredness
of the International Day of Twerking
was tainted by a furry mob
(dogs, jackals, coyotes and three cheeky cats)
howling in front of the Hollywood sign:
“Canines want their holiday back!”

Fox News was the first to arrive
and make a scene.
“Decent humans
have been persecuted by dogs

No one ever learned
when dog’s oppression
of decent humans
since a coyote and two jackals
(never seen together before)
rushed the reporter;

the man was relieved of lips and tongue,
plus most of the right side of his face.

After the ripping was done,
an organized pack
of domestic dogs
made the reporter their

Wolves and foxes refused to be dragged
into this nonsense.

Process Note: yesterday, three Russian women (rather young) were put in jail for performing the “erotic and sexual twerk dance” in front of a WWII memorial. Yes, minds (and muses) work in mysterious (and sometimes ridiculous) ways… Be kind; don’t call the parenthesis police… or twerk.

for NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Day 27 – Making Cheer Up: Write a poem about a holiday invented by you.

I just couldn’t stomach any of the twerking images I found,
so I leave you with an ashamed polar bear
Ashamed Polar Bearvia

Making Cheer Up

Yes, I’m late two days in a row. I was going to blame my tardiness on the Little Princess and Lovey Frog, Pinky Frog and Hermie the Pillow (who is also a frog), but I thought that it would be of very bad taste. I mean… the things Lovey Frog was saying about Pinky Frog and bodily functions… can only be imagined (and stomached) by a rather brave nine-year-old girl-child. I don’t want you to faint, my Wicked Luvs… This isn’t the Victorian Era (or a Jane Austen novel spinoff).

For day 27 of NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Write a poem about a holiday invented by you. I can barely wait to read what you come up with.


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