Of “Burst and Spill” and Ephemeral Chaos

This is my first time using WordPress, and let it be known that it’s currently kicking m’butt. But worry not, my Wicked Luvs, you can continue to keep an eye on me (and delighting in a tale or 13) by following the links on the Navigation Menu—yes, my dear Blogger brethren, I’m trying out the new lingo; my Link Bar days will soon be gone *pre-nostalgia-infused sigh*.

I’m experimenting with colors, layouts, typography, premeditated kisses… So things will look a tad chaotic for a while. Do not run for the hills if you stop by to visit and find everything written in Orkish. However, if the background is white and the text begins to glitter, call Van Helsing (tell him to bring very, very dark sunglasses), for my beloved new site was probably taken over by vampires with freakishly sparkling powers.

Below is a poem I wrote a month or so ago, inspired by Rick (Dienzo) Blanco’s “Mona”. It was first published on my Facebook page, in Darker Words. I’m posting it here because I wanted to have something sexy, dark and bloody to glance at while I worked on the site. Who doesn’t?

Burst and Spill

darkened by supplicatory screams,
spilled calamity down Mona’s cheeks.

“Poor thing,” said the woman Mona watched from afar.

“Living isn’t for wimps,” said her man;
his tongue still tasting of someone else’s breasts.

“I hope she finds peace and justice,” said she.

“People get what they deserve,” said he.

“Should I feed on his eyes
or will you squeeze,
burst and spill
the darkness out of his heart?”
said the Raven.

Mona, by Rick “Dienzo” Blanco

Mona, by Rick Dienzo Blanco

In Japanese Mythology 4 Is Rather Unlucky

While delighting in an article on how to write a proper haiku, I read that in Japanese Mythology the number 4 is very lucky. I have nothing personal against dear 4—I mean, there are 4 seasons, 4 elements of power, 4 ways in which I like to eat my mangoes (okay, the latter is a lie, but it completed my trio.

Anyhoo (I love this word, by the way), although the number 4 is not a personal enemy, I do have low tolerance for even numbers. I’m not sure why. But even numbers, 12 and 6, in particular, make me feel uncomfortable… I avoid them whenever I can.

I wonder why the Japanese think 4 to be unlucky *goes to do a bit of searching*… It seems that “Four is sometimes pronounced shi, which is also the word for death.” Ouch.

Don’t be alarmed by the randomness of the last three posts, including this one; I am still working on the website. Don’t you get tired of things like, “Test Post”? Well, I do.

Oh, the numbers 5, 9 and 13 are extremely lucky in Magaly Mythology. 😉

Four Seasons, by Ewa Kienko Gawlik

Four Seasons, by Ewa Kienko Gawlik