Purified by Love and Ink

I will meet with my gut doctor in a few hours… to discuss the tummy treatment that comes to an end tomorrow (wooohooo!)… and to schedule tests to see if the medications worked like they were supposed to. My symptoms have shown improvement. I’ve been able to eat more things—including ice cream, raw foods, and a little meat—so that’s already good news. Now to see what my innards have to show. Well, to schedule the seeing… Keep your fingers and toes crossed (your eyes, too). 😉

I leave you with 5 of the blackout poems I’ve shared on Instagram and/or Facebook these last few weeks. Although unplanned, I really like the overall motifs embraced by these poems. I love what they say about self, about storms, about words… Which is your favorite, my Wicked Luvs? Why?

“In Her”
In her,
there is a storm
born of change
and of her magic.
In Her

You can be purified by love and ink.

“Touch Your Self”
Touch your self with feeling.
Touch Yourself

I am stories.

In a storm, I found roots.

35 thoughts on “Purified by Love and Ink

  1. I love “In Her” and “Roots,” and the way they go together. Especially I love the idea that roots can be found precisely during a time of storm, when things tend to get uprooted. Mmm I’m really liking what those two poems are doing to my head now 😉

    • Things didn’t go perfect, but at least they haven’t gotten worse (it seems I’m saying this a lot lately, lol). Seven more weeks before the procedures. It will be warmer. I’ll get to walk in the woods. I will survive… grinning… writing… eating ice cream and cake. ♥

      Thank you for your yummy words about my groupies. 😀

  2. Hi Magaly!

    Sending you best wishes for your appointment and get well soon and fully! I loved In Her as well, and Ink…

    Have a great and enjoyable weekend dear!

  3. Woot! Hope everything goes smoothly with the best possible outcomes.

    And while I like all the black out poetry I love the rebelliousness in Stories and just adore everything about Ink.

  4. I love the galaxy effect in “In a Storm I Found Roots”. I’m going to start giving black out poetry a go, have to find a book to transform. Fingers crossed all goes well at the docs.

  5. I love all of them!!! Your words are so vivid. That is the kind of writing I love to read and you do it so well. My fingers, toes, eyes and bows are all crossed for you! The bow is especially special as I am not a bow-ie type person at all, lol. Although it is on my robe belt. Big SOFT hugs for the good news at the docs!

    I like the blackout poetry…may have to give that a try?
    Rasz XO

    • Thank you for the bows *hehehe*. I return you a bow, too, since Granny Weatherwax said witches don’t go for curtsies. 😀

      I hope you give blackout poetry a try. I bet you’ll create pure yumminess!

  6. Wishing you the best possible results on you doc visit! Pick a favorite? No way! That’s like being asked to choose between chocolate and cheese for me. I want them all!!!

  7. Isn’t that weird when you find a theme throughout your own stuff that you weren’t really conscious of? I’ve had several recent posts that end talking about things breaking down – almost apocalyptic ideas, really, and I had never planned that.

    I like these blackout poems, the way they hit you with the idea on a couple different levels.

    • It is sort of strange, especially when we can’t tie the motifs to any particular event or feeling. We need to become better readers of unintended groupings. If you find the wisdom first, do share it. 😀

  8. WOW! what a FEAST in here this morning! I love the glorious spill of pithy potent perfect words and GORGEOUS art down the page. Sigh. Do I have to choose? Oh, all right, then – In a storm, I found roots. Because that is what we wild women do! Then we wave our branches around wildly. Formidably. (Have you ever heard a tree cackle?)

  9. Hmmm, I am loving the two storm ones. Is that a reflection of something in me right now, I wonder? Would I come back another day and prefer others? What I most love is your art work around the chosen words. I HAVE to copy-cat that! Would you mind?

  10. Hey My Friend! Everything is crossed for you! (Sorry I’m late!) I have been reading through your comments and I read everything didn’t go perfect, but they didn’t get worse. Well, I guess that’s good!! Keeping positive for you!! I couldn’t pick a favourite in your poems! No way! I really love them all! I have to admit, I might try this. I have some old books and it would be fun to see what I find in them!
    Big Hugs and Much Love, Always!

  11. Love “In Her”. I’m playing catch up. Damn Afib sent me to the hospital for 2 days. Not a happy experience.

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