Real Magic Has Strong Emotions in It (and other real bits)

My grandmother sat at the foot of my bed. She wore her favorite black dress, and a bright red headscarf I had never seen. “That’s nice”, I said, pointing at the headscarf.” She never wore red while she was alive. “It suits you.”

She extended a hand towards me. There was something in it, but I couldn’t see what it was. I sat up in bed, to take a better look. It was a tiny bottle full of red petals. “You should wear it”, she said, smiling. “It suits you.”

I woke up sitting up in bed, looking for my grandmother. She wasn’t there. She has not been around in the flesh for many years. But I got out of bed and searched for the rose petals necklace I got from my friend Yvonne months ago. I wore it. It suits me.

Rose Petals, Lava Beads Pendant, and skull bracelet, by Melancholy and Menace

Emma, mistress of Groovy Gothic, sent me Birds of All Feathers, a children’s book that tells the tale of how a group of birds peacefully resist the “angry twittering twit of a villain [that] invades [their] peaceful apple tree”. She was going to get the book for herself, but since my sweet Emma knew that I was having a rather difficult time dealing with the Orange Infection spreading over the US, she thought the book would be perfect to cheer me up. It was.

Birds of All Feathers, written and illustrated by El Gato Gomez

Once upon a time there was a sheep that gobbled up a bunch of moon daisies that changed her forever. Her name is Mavis. And she has a wicked talkative friend named Stewie. They were crafted to life by my witchy sister, Gina Morley. As of a few days ago, they live with me. Yep, a sheep, a squirrel, and a witch in a New York City apartment. That sounds like a story, doesn’t it? Well, Mavis already has a story, which you can find on Gina’s blog. The package that brought Mavis and Stewie home carried other things—a sprig of rosemary, a perfect-for-me card, a wee spider, and a surprise that I won’t share with you. Some magics must be kept close to the heart.

Mavis and Stewie, by Gina Morley

I fell in love with the painting of a wild-haired warrior, enchanted by her fierce expression and by the fact that we both seem to go braless. When the artist, my friend Robin, learned of my love, she sent the warrior to me. I haven’t given her a proper home on my wall yet. I know where she belongs, but I want to place her there on the morning of the Vernal Equinox. It feels right, for I suspect she and I will start new things with the blooming of spring.

My fierce warrior, by Rasz Art Designs

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve already seen my Poem Bits—micro poetry and quotes handwritten on lined paper with the edges torn. Lately the tearing of edges has transferred to my blackout poems, too. The latter began as an accident. I was in a lot of pain… decided to blackout a poem to distract myself… the pain was making my hands shake so much that I ripped the previous blackout when I tried to turn the page. The accident saddened and angered me. But I did not allow it to ruin my day… or one of my favorite blackouts. So, I took a few breaths… made some tea… and proceeded to gently rip all the edges off. When I was done sipping and ripping, I took the teabags—emptied the used leaves—and used the paper to create a background for the blackout. I framed it. I love it.

“I am stories”, accidental mixed media yumminess, by Magaly Guerrero

Can you feel the magic in all of this? The power of believing in a dream? Or of giving to a friend something you love because you feel she needs it more? Or of giving fangs to daisies and a sheep because your friend’s little brother just died, and you want her to smile? Or of presenting a friend with a painted, fierce-faced, wild-haired, non-bra-wearing warrior who reminds you of her (and of you)? Or can you feel the magic that is born when a moment of sadness, anger and frustration is turned on its ugly head until the energy that feeds it becomes something positive you can use to feed yourself, a story you are happy to tell?

If you’ve felt any of the above, my Wicked Luvs, then you have felt magic—the kind of magic I believe in. Real magic feeds flesh and soul. It allows the body to move when pain says stop. It brews fierce smiles and tears. It reminds us we are not alone. It comes loaded with strong emotions, with friends, and other wonders. My real magic tells stories… Can you feel it?

41 thoughts on “Real Magic Has Strong Emotions in It (and other real bits)

  1. Your magic spells psychology and creative beauty to me, my friend, and I approve. If this is magic I may be able to claim some for myself 🙂

    Your birthday is coming up. Is there anything really weird you have been wanting?

  2. Oh My Dear, I hope you get your birthday wish! Neil Gaiman’s new book, Norse Mythology is one of his best. But then, I say that about all his books. I read The Graveyard Book every October as a birthday present to myself.

    I love reading your blog. Somehow, pain shared is pain lessened, and Magic shared is Magic strengthened. I have the need of both.

    • If I get my whole wish, I might lose might mind and do something regrettable–like kidnap everyone involved. Then again, I doubt I would regret it much. 😀 I love The Graveyard Book, and how funny (and super cool) it is that we have the same October tradition?

      I agree, pain shared lessens and magic shared well strengthens. And goodness, do we ever need some of that. So, let the sharing begin!

  3. Yes ma’m. I can always sense your emotion it shows in your writing, art,flowers u post and your desk area says a lot. Funny how the mistakes we think we make may lead us to something better. There’s a reason for everything. Even the outcomes which aren’t favorable. Somehow I can see why it happened.

    • Any art created without emotions in it–even if they are not the emotions we are feeling at the time–is dead art. And who needs that sort of dead thing, right? So, I’m very glad you feel it. I’m also glad for certain accidents.

  4. Aww… Dropping by after a crappy week (nothing end-of-the-world, just such a litany of ludicrous aggravations that I was beginning to wonder if I was being secretly filmed for some kind of prank show! *le sigh*) and this has brought a smile to my face! ^_^

    Gina’s Stewie…. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 😀

    Your grandmother’s message and Yvonne’s rose petals… ♥

    Yay for wild-haired warrior women and starting new things with the blooming of spring!

    Woohoo for sipping, ripping, and creative serendipity!!

    I hope the book brought you a grin amidst the grim of the current situation. And yes, I can feel the magic in all of this!! ♥ ♥ ♥ xo

    • I hope the end of the week brought an end to most of the madness. And I am sooo happy that this post made you smile.

      And yes, the book made me grin through the horror. Thank goodness for small (giant) miracles!

  5. Oh, I do love your framed blackout artwork. It’s perfect. And I’m so glad you have wonderful friends *wink* to put a beautiful, wicked grin on your face.

    The dream of your grandmother is a truly magical experience. She’s watching over you and keeping you safe. I think perhaps a red scarf would suit you, too. ♥

  6. I sat here in my recliner with my laptop on the tops of my legs, it seems the only part of me that is not screaming in pain. My gut feels as if it decided to recreate itself causing me anguish. I know who to come to when the pain is almost unbearable. Yes, I am here.

    I love this post. I love the story of your Grandmother and her red scarf! And your red rose petals encased in a lovely amulet. The sharing of what our hearts create, of what others give us at just the right moment, the life that the spark of magic brings to keep us going when we aren’t sure if we can.

    Thank you Magaly for this reminder and for such a beautiful post. Love & Hugs

    btw: bra-less is a necessity! I love it!

    • I am very glad to have a friend (or three) to share the best and worst with. I don’t think I would be able to do certain things if I didn’t have that sort of reassurance. And even if I could, I wouldn’t be too happy about it.

      I totally know that the braless thing is a necessary. I just like to that it’s a choice *shhhh! don’t tell my brain or my neuralgia* LOL!

  7. In my world, magic is currently sitting patiently for me to raise my head from the keyboard while I am racing to meet All The Demands, and whenever I have time to play, it’s there. I need to make more time for real magic, but it’s kind of tough … :-/

  8. Your fiction and your reality here –as they always do–infuse the world with real magic. The magic of overcoming, of persistence, of faith in what matters: wrongs righted, or at least fought like hell–all that we so need in this too-often sinking black world. I love how you transform all the adversity and anger into positives, and that you have such good friends along with you on the way–the only way that matters. As always when I stop by, Magaly, I leave richer.

  9. I love ALL of these little flash fictions. And … I noticed about the box that brought Mavis and Stewie home…it just HAD to have a little spider in it! 🙁 xx

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