Realities We Make

“I’ve stolen dreamed words
out of Borges’ mouth
and written us on my skin.

In the book of us,
your words are drummed to song
I dance into ink and feels.” ~ MG

I want our wildest
words to be of you and me.
Let’s be ink and feels
only for us, write a room
of realities we make.

I’ll spell an ink-world with you, I replied to him, the letters dark and honest over my heart. Write me yours and I’ll write you mine.

And we wrote…

the wee notes…
– Beginnings often start at the end. So, yes, this is the last of Ink and Feels (for now). What happens after this, the details of how they live and love in ink, will be part of a poetry chapter book. If you’ve missed some of the poems, visit my Web Serials page.
– The 2 stanzas quoted at the beginning are part of the poem that inspired the series.
– Written for Hedgewitch’s Friday 55, and linked to the Garden.

51 thoughts on “Realities We Make

  1. Oh, the rooms we make when we write, all moving walls and inky floors. Sometimes, they are the best places to be ourselves, to be with each other.

  2. I love the format of this poem, Magaly, and have loved the ink and skin series. I especially like the lines:
    ‘Let’s be ink and feels
    only for us, write a room
    of realities we make’.

  3. Magaly! Your poetess ink drips with such deep magic…loved this..romantic and soulful! Blissful beauty( I want our wildest words…) ! I have so enjoyed this gorgeous series! Fantastic visual too…all thiosedelicious words laying near your inky weapon! !
    Have a lovely night

  4. A great pleasure to come read this again, and I’m so pleased you included it in the 55 as well, since the earlier parts of the tale have been told there, and told so well. This for me sums up the central soul of the story, of finding connection through words, of loving and living through them in every possible way. Thanks so much for coming by today, and for delighting me with your comment on mine as well.

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