Rejoice in Your Bicycle of Light and Shadow, I’m Getting Rum

I was asked to write a poem about space and time and a story inspired by the silhouette of an old-fashioned bicycle. So, I wrote of imaginative physics, bicycles… rum and magic.

“You are someone else’s memories dancing in the arms of chaos,” the angel says, “time, space, colors and taste are made of flesh.” I say nothing, but senses are communal in worlds made of fear or will—I feel her feel my sister’s chant, delight in smugness made of love’s thoughts. “Impossible,” she says, when black, red and the scent of spirits unmake her reality.

She tries to speak again, but I touch a warm finger to the light and shadow of her lips, and whisper, “Shhh, my sister is witching.”

“Out of dark
shadow and light, I
conjure rum.”

a wee note…
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photo by Jellico’s Stationhouse

67 thoughts on “Rejoice in Your Bicycle of Light and Shadow, I’m Getting Rum

  1. Dear Magaly,

    Beautiful imagery painted with words on the canvas of the heart. I’m not generally a huge fan of two prompts at once, but when it’s so well done, what can I say? Good job.



    • Prompt combinations can get messy, if we don’t give enough attention to both topics and to the story as a whole. I like the exercise, so I do it often. Since April is Poetry Month, I will write haibun or storied poems each week. I hope we can both survive!

  2. This felt like a picture of the headiness of love – when all your senses are alive, and no liquor can match the rush of touching a beloved’s lips.

  3. The confidence in the connection with sister is strong…borne on love’s wings…a pair of rum un’s no doubt 😉

  4. Whistles!!❤️ This is absolutely exquisitely penned, Magaly 😀 sigh.. such wonderful resonances here especially love; “You are someone else’s memories dancing in the arms of chaos.”❤️

  5. Oh… combining my prompt with that wonderful image… and I had thought I would abstain from Friday Fictioneers this week… I doubt I can. Love the voice of witches and angels.

  6. Well! Now even Angels know not to mess with your witches! So, after the rum was conjured, did Jack Sparrow show up next?

  7. There is a lightness about your writing that always cheers me, even when topics may run strong on the dark side. This one seems frothy and intoxicating as a deliciously tart-sweet daiquiri, and I am ready to sail off on my aquatic bicycle(because rum is magic) with Captain Morgan. Thanks for making me smile.

  8. “Rum for the dead” is, I’m sure, is as much deserved as “nectar of the gods” (mead/honeyed white wine) is for the living!
    I love your combination of prose and poetry and the richness of the images you paint.

  9. This was… wow! I have no sense of poetry, I can only admire the beautiful phrases in your writing, and there are many. I love how the love, the magic and the rum all balance between dark and light. Each one of them can be delicious, and at the same time very dangerous.

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