Saint Gabriel García Márquez, the Smirker

My phone was bursting with the sound of Rommy’s uncontrollable laughter. There was joy (and a touch of Latina mischievousness) in her mirth.

“Speak now, or forever hold your pieces,” I said. This usually entices her to start singing my name in a mixture of terrible opera and exaggerated Spanish accent (yes, we have issues). But on this occasion, it had no effect. She just giggled… and snorted. “What is it, woman?”

“Candles!” she said. “I found a shop that sells candles of sainted writers. Oh my gods, Magaly, wait until you see Saint Gabriel. They don’t have Terry Pratchett, but Neil Gaiman and J.K. Rowling have also been sanctified. I’m getting Gaiman and Rowling. I have to.”

She sent me the link to Saint Gabriel’s candle, and the moment I saw his smirking haloed face, I roared until I nearly choked. I mean, look at that expression!
Gabriel Garcia Marquez Candle (1)
If you’ve read Love in the Time of Cholera, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, One Hundred Years of Solitude… or pretty much any of García Márquez’s tales, you probably already know that his dance with religion—particularly South American Catholicism—was always bedecked with layers upon layers of satire and humor.

“I think he would have found the idea of himself as a saint completely hysterical,” I said to Rommy. “I’m getting him.”

In the end, we decided to make things extra special: I got Saint Rowling and Saint Gaiman for Rommy, and she got Saint Gabriel for me.

I’ve placed my smirking sainted writer candle next to my little brother’s ashes. Something tells me that both, my little brother and Gabriel García Márquez, would find the whole thing amusing… And nothing is holier or nobler than good old jollity that makes the belly rumble.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez Candle (2)
After the thought of this post first kissed my mind, I spent some time wondering if anyone would find the idea of a sainted writer candle offensive; and if so, why might they feel that way? What do you think, my Wicked Luvs? Speculate away… and don’t forget to wave at Saint Gabriel García Márquez, the Smirker.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez Candle (3)

29 thoughts on “Saint Gabriel García Márquez, the Smirker

  1. This is perfect for your honoured alter! As the tweenie posters of Tiger Beat! Admiration of skill and genius is never offensive. Well not to me!
    I enjoy observing ( from the shadows as always) what brings joy!

  2. I had seen this Etsy store before, but they didn’t have St. Gabriel, yet. I thought they were hysterical and that the majority of the writers would think it was a jolly good idea. Always glad when mirth touches your life in any way! And, Rommy is a peach for being such a partner in frivolity!

  3. ROTFL. You spilled the beans on my dark secret – badly accented opera! So glad you like yours. I LOVE mine. I did a little happy dance when they arrived.

  4. I wants Saint Poe!!! Oh…and by the way…you won another doll from me. If you don’t have room you can gift it to someone else*but I’m guessing you’ll make room* 😀 XXX

  5. Hello, “Saint Gabriel García Márquez, the Smirker”!! *waves* You are adorable!!!

    As to the question of whether some may find the concept offensive… I’m almost positive that some will, but as nearly everything offends someone, somewhere, somehow, sometime, the fact that it brings you joy (I love it!) is what counts!! [I had someone complain about my Norman Bates, “A boy’s best friend is his mother.”, quote the other day. I keep wondering why on earth they would follow my page, if that is offensive to them?!]

  6. Ha! I have a friend who’d love the Gaiman one, I must show her.

    I was brought in a Catholic family, and I think my family would have found this amusing rather than offensive.

    You and Rommy find the best things!

    I adore your Gorey collection, too ♥

  7. I find these candles always a bit over the top(sort of like Marquez and his satirical, hallucinatory and delicious prose), but then I am not gifted with the religion gene much–I also love the expression on Saint Gabriel’s face, though I do believe it to have been envisioned in the mind of its creator as a benign smile of blessing. As such, a little laughter hardly seems out of place. ;_) I will be waiting for Saint Edgar, with a raven at his feet.

  8. Oh that is delightful! I think it’s hilarious, but in a kind of perfectly suitable way for anyone who is intensely obsessed with writing and literature, like you dearest Magaly! Why shouldn’t we venerate our writing heroes? 😉

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