Screams Meant Nothing

Before my witch, fall
lived eternal in my bones,
the world whipped me raw.
My screams meant nothing to man,
till she howled with me… for blood.

The moon spun bright and dark and again… unburied lies burned magic out of my witch’s skin. “It’s our right,” the people said to each other, accused her of viciousness, and bled historic hurts believed healed. “Freaks will scream for coin, make us rich. They like that.”

I wasn’t born to rip or tear, but society’s stones sharpened my teeth.

They destroyed our door
and unmade our home—
“For safety”, they said,
as the horde enjoyed the show,
paying flesh to watch freaks bleed.

There’s blood on the world’s stage, bone bits… and scars turned armor on my witch and me.

the wee notes…
– To read other installments, visit my Web Serials page. The tales are listed under Belle du Freak.
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artwork, by Shelle Kennedy

55 thoughts on “Screams Meant Nothing

  1. eerie and beautiful, I love the imagery you bring forth.
    Have you read ‘The bread we eat in dreams’ ???(It is one of my absolute favorite stories..) I think you might enjoy it:)

  2. Fabulously chilling poem and art work – you’ve got me fired up for more supernatural poetry, Magaly! I love the phrase ‘fall lived eternal in my bones’ and the line:
    ‘I wasn’t born to rip or tear, but society’s stones sharpened my teeth’.

  3. My teeth are like chalk, my gums a bleeding mess… but can be known to defend & cut with sharpened tongue… 😉 Yes been at dentist, you knew that 😉 I love this… but so sad, those that destroy people that feel & bleed, classify them as freaks… who gave them power? Your words as always full of passion… the things people do ‘for safety’… this moved the earth a little beneath my feet xox

    • Three days have gone by since this comment, so I hope your toothies are doing better.

      People are very good at grouping and labeling (in the worse ways, most of the time). They are also destructively good at the art of stealing perfectly good words and making them nasty. But we won’t let them rob us, will we? We’ll reclaim words like “freak” and “weird” and keep them for ourselves. We, through our art, will also show them that they can’t fool the world by using concepts like “safety” to justify their savagery. So, there!

  4. Oh this is absolutely chilling to the bone, Magaly!❤️ I love “fall lived eternal in my bones and resonate with; “I wasn’t born to rip or tear, but society’s stones sharpened my teeth”… sigh… Beautifully executed!❤️

  5. I am in love with this line: I wasn’t born to rip or tear, but society’s stones sharpened my teeth. Damn, this is fine. People don’t understand how sometimes their cruelty gives birth to the horror they fear. I almost feel sorry for that level of stupidity. Almost.

  6. There’s blood on the world’s stage…

    This is certainly very true. A most compelling piece about oppression and prejudice, Magaly.

  7. You have moved the horror to the cityscape… how the blood is universal, love it when you write horror, and it’s still weeks until Halloween.

  8. “The world ripped me raw” and “the horde watched the show”. Its all true. No fantasy here. It’s just plain true fact. When is the end of the world so it will stop?

  9. This seems extremely relevant in the atmosphere we are living in now days. I will be ruminating in this piece for quite a while, me thinks!

  10. Powerful…deeply poignant ..this had a lot of meaning for me…society’s stones sharpened my teeth early on. Your writing is stunning,..everything it pulls from me and makes me feel….amazing and potent! This is an incredible work on many levels!
    Love it!! This one will stay with me for a long while my kindred sister!

    • Society shapes its creatures… and when we are very unlucky, the shape is full of claws and teeth and rage and fear. I’m hoping for a day when all those teeth are just for smiling creepily out of enjoyment. *fingers crossed*

  11. “Scars turned armor” I love that bit! Society has a way of making us want to bite back. I would consider it a blessing if my scars could turn into armor and shield me from further pain; it would certainly save my teeth Lol

  12. This is such expressive write with vivid images. I especially like this lines, “I wasn’t born to rip or tear, but society’s stones sharpened my teeth.”
    I enjoy your rewrites, your muse is generous with imagination. 😊

  13. ‘I wasn’t born to rip or tear, but society’s stones sharpened my teeth.’

    That line is so chilling. This is wonderful! I need to read more.

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