Write of longing for home, of wrecking a home, of offering sanctuary to strangers in one’s home. He said other things… But my mind had been claimed by the thought of a house that was not a home, of a stranger who had to break a cage before building a home for her Self. And I wrote.


Barely veiled,
inside the bits of her
that are hers still,
she suspects
backtalk is a thing…
just not in his home,
not under the roof
she didn’t choose.

Her natural Self, the one
fighting to re-sprout,
twists inside her bones.
She sees her will
under his damage—
with thought and tooth
abrading his might,
weakening her bindings.

Self-rekindled, she resists
his old kicks… and births
a choice, a real home
for her Self.

the wee notes…
– Expanded from one of the first blackout poems I ever crafted, which came to mind after a long conversation with an old friend, a glance at “Rebirth” by Magic Love Crow (see below), and Brendan’s prompt at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads ~ Home.
– Linked to Prompt Nights and to Poets United.
– Yes, I’ve noticed… My ellipsis affliction has become quite serious… Must seek help…

“Rebirth”, by Magic Love Crow

77 thoughts on “Self-Rekindled

  1. Whatever else this power shadow—masculine and other–accomplished in its berserker turns, it engendered this mighty gift of home. At the far end of the dragon’s wings, a breeze.

  2. Whistles!!❤️💜This is absolutely exquisitely penned, Magaly 🙂 The title alone left me breathless as I sought to bask in the power of your poem with each sentence so beautifully composed! Especially love; “Her natural Self, the one fighting to re-sprout, twists inside her bones” and “Self-rekindled, she resists his old kicks… and births a choice, a real home for her Self.” Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤️💜

    Lots of love,

  3. That is the choice we make (though really we have no other choice if we are to survive) – to flee the chains and oppression and birth a new home for ourselves. This was wonderful to read, kiddo. And your art work is absolutely amazing. Your walls must be covered with wonder……………

  4. The beauty of life is to be yourself and enjoy that feeling and applaud those that feel the same. I can never understand the need to subject and reshape inviduals to possess them.
    I loved that my wife was different from me had her own interests and excelled in things that I didn’t and she too was pleased I did my own thing too. Great write Magaly it is always an adventure visiting your blog.

    • U are a rarity. U probably have self confidence and u were probably brought up to accept others who may excel in areas and not to feel slighted. Unfortunately some aren’t as accepting which is a downfall and they don’t know what they’re missing from learning from others.

    • That is exactly how I feel about my husband, Robin. We are very different people, and the exploration of those differences is one of the things that enriches our marriages. We are great at making each other stronger.

  5. Sometimes I feel we have a home that exists inside, and we just have to feed it a bit for it to expand and protect us even in the most hostile environment… let it flame and break your bonds.

  6. This poem can have so many meanings, I think. First I thought of a child from a controlled home now making a life for him/her self. Then I thought of a wife escaping etc. Then I realized it could be so much more. Awesome write!

    Love Stacy’s crow art.

  7. Her natural Self, the one
    fighting to re-sprout,
    twists inside her bones.
    …such a strong image! And i share the ellipsis affliction, it’s an epidemic I tell ya!

  8. This is just incredible, Magaly, and I love the crow illustration. You’ve described emotions I forgot I had:
    ‘Her natural Self, the one
    fighting to re-sprout,
    twists inside her bones’
    and the ending is so full of hope and strength.

  9. She sees her will warping under his damage—
    with thought and tooth abrading his might,
    weakening her bindings

    She perhaps may be in for some rough times. Dark inclination here well preserved, Magaly! Great lines!


  10. Such a powerful piece, Magaly. I’m always in awe of your found phrases. You have an eye for the connections between words.

  11. The first stanza is so strong it almost obscures the rest of the poem’s more subtle strength–‘backtalk is a thing, but not in his home’–really floored me with a sort of deja vu familiarity I can’t explain, since I grew up fatherless–but I felt that masculine kick–maybe it’s the times and the kicking of those at the bottom from the tantrum-y Orange One up top–or just something basic and skewed in the fabric of a patriarchal society–but the best part of course, is how one can twist away from anything in one’s heart and soul, and become who one really is. Very powerful Magaly.

  12. We all need a real home for our SELF. I like the progression of this poem. One would never guess it came from a blackout.

  13. As I read this I felt the pains of internal birth, trying to rekindle the hearth in the heart. It can be a battle within to find true self. It is often said there is darkness before light, much like life. I sense you have a strong spirit.

  14. Deeply profound and very moving.
    It is good when we regain ourselves, rebirth ourselves, evicting those who live rent free in our heads.
    Thank you for your wonderful words.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  15. I love this story of struggle for self. Beautifully written. (BTW, I share your ellipsis affliction, although mine was extemporaneous and I had no idea it had a name! I now see, on exploring the definition, I’ve been using it improperly. There’s supposed to be a space before and after three … exactly three … periods. )

  16. I love the metaphor of a rebirth- struggling out of the trapping of an abusive and oppressive relationships is about as intense as the effort of giving birth itself.Beautiful!

  17. This is so powerful….that moment of choice….of resistance… honor the rekindling of self and birth something new (oh, and I quite like your ellipsis affliction!!).

  18. That was as brutal as the last two comforting lines …the painless feeling of self actualization when you arrive there.
    This was very good… and… made think

  19. Magaly, from reading the comments you have definitely stirred the pot. In a good way. Your words have opened up your readers which is a good thing. It’s cathartic.

  20. Wow! This is powerful! The second stanza, in particular, really resonated with me. ‘She sees her will warping under his damage—’ … cause and effect … eloquently and succinctly articulated. This is a relaying call for every disrespected woman.

  21. “she suspects
    backtalk is a thing…”

    These are the clues that strengthen resolve, the clues that self is breaking through the walls of the box. Wow.

  22. Your writing really touched my soul! Very powerful words! I see “my home” in my meditations. You are such a brilliant writer Magaly!! I am very honoured you used my painting!! Big Hugs and Much Love 🙂

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