She Fights for Healthy Hearts…

The other day, the Little Princess wanted to know what we were having for dinner.

“Chicken noodle soup,” I said.

She almost dropped the dish she had been washing. With her face scrunched up in disgust, she said (rather loudly), “Chicken noodle soup from a can? In what kind of house are we living in!”

After I was done roaring at her outrage, I told her that she well knew we didn’t eat soup from cans. “I’m making it from scratch, gorgeous, as always.”

“Oh,” she let out a sigh of relief, “We’re having Magaly soup then.”

The Little Princess is extremely health conscious, especially for a 10-year-old. This began the first time she participated in Jump Rope for Heart. She was very sad about the children and adults who had to live with heart disease. The moment she discovered that there were ways to prevent the illness, and that researchers were trying to find a cure, she was determined to help others and herself. Here is a bit about her views, in her own words:

“I am joining my coaches in raising money for the American Heart Association and we need your help! Lots of kids and adults around the world have heart disease and need people to help raise money for high costs of medicines. To get started, I donated all the money from Christmas, my birthday, and my allowance.

My coaches are teaching me about how to keep a heart healthy. Instead of soda, drink water and to add some flavor put a slice of fruit in it. Beware of high sodium because it can raise your blood pressure. Since last year, I have cut down on sugar, started to eat healthier foods, and I have not had a soda since then.

I hope you can help me save lives!”

~ Ella (AKA the Little Princess)

1 - JumpClick on the image or this LINK to join the Little Princess’ fight for healthy hearts
(no, my Luvs, I’ve no idea why so many of her LEGO mini figures are armed to the teeth)

And of course, she talks the talk and eats the food. This was her birthday menu for this year (in our family we get our favorite dishes on the anniversary of our birth):

2-MenuShe seems to have taken some poetic *cough* license with her spelling of “spaghetti”

3-Steel Cut OatsSteel cut oats with (unburned) pecans

4-Mashed Potatoes and Green BeansMashed potatoes and green beans

5 - Spaghetti, Salad and TostonesSpaghetti, tostones and salad (with my original raspberry dressing)

6 - Tilapia with TostoneI was still completely off meat, so I had tilapia baked in pineapple juice and dill

love likes to be fed
foods that fortify the heart—
I’ll slow cook cuddles
7 - Cuddles Haiku

31 thoughts on “She Fights for Healthy Hearts…

  1. The earlier you start … my parents had the “You have to try everything, but you do not have to finish everything” approach, and each of us had a “cheat dish” we were allowed to skip. (For me that was Capucijners – some sort of brown beans/peas cooked to a pulp in that disgusting liquid from the can, mixed with fried ham. Yuck!!!) Although I have to say I tried many healthy vegetables and such only once I had moved out, and when I return to my parents these days, often the food is rather trying … but then, not everyone can be such a health nut. ^^

    Oh, and I loved that “don’t burn the pecans!” part. The princess knows what she wants.

  2. You are a beautiful human people. I doubt anyone could meet (or read) you and not fall in love with your soul.

    I thoroughly enjoyed every word of this post, especially the haiku. And your photos prove that you are an amazing cool (and momma). Wow! Come be mine? 🙂

  3. It is so important in a child’s life to let them have their voice (spelling not withstanding). Little Princess like my grands were born with that in them. There are so many others who are not. The silent ones have voices too and we need to encourage all. You and Piano Man have done a marvelous job in listening and teaching at the same time. Blessings on all of you.

    • And you’ve said it all, Oma love. Letting them be themselves is key. And we are so very lucky that our babes don’t fear being who they are, and we are just too happy to help them be proud of that. 😊

  4. With quite a few orthorexics in my life, I will just lend a word of caution; please don’t let her obsess about food.

    • Thank you. But like I commented above, we are extremely lucky. She loves snacking on yummy things just as much as she likes eating the most nutritious bits. She’s just really good at choosing healthy over that which is not. For instance, her birthday cake was all chocolate with strawberries on top. She’s such s good eater. Sometimes, I think she’s was born 40!

  5. To the little P… Happiest of happys little Princess… We had a Vegan Australia Day today, not a sausage or prawn in sight, no worries, but no cheese or Mayo either (Uggh) haha, but we listen to our babes and incorporate their wisdom as your awesome family does yours… Off to check out your heart saver project, BTW loved this post celebrating your birth xox

  6. Happy Birthday to the Little Princess! My heart is smiling! All the food looks so good! One of these days, I am coming over and you can cook me whatever you like! I had to look up what tilapia was! Big Hugs!

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