She Patched Herself

“The Patchwork Girl was magically alive… Indeed, Scraps was a general favorite… She was seldom still, but loved to dance, to turn handsprings and somersaults, to climb trees and to indulge in many other active sports.” ~ The Lost Princess of Oz, by L. Frank Baum

“She Patched Herself”

They demanded
a white dress,
their sort of proper,
their kind of slick.

She patched herself
in color-filled living,
gloved her hands in red,
crimsoned her feet.

In bright bloom
(and alive!), she cackles
and they cringe.

I really enjoyed coloring this lady.
There is something bright and delicious in her face,
which says, “I live for me and I love it.”
oz-she-patched-herself“The Patchwork Girl of Oz
from Worlds of Color: Welcome to Oz Adult Coloring Book
by Eric Shanower

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54 thoughts on “She Patched Herself

    • Thanks you, Kim. The Lost Princess of Oz is the 11th of the Oz books. If you haven’t read the whole series a go, you might want to give it a go… I’ve enjoyed it so much that I just started rereading all the books. 🙂

  1. an Oz treatment on a Thursday morning, who could ask for more. Well, except instant pain relief and people who understand. But other than that the Patch Girls of the World unite. Love this Ms. M and of course, you. xoxo Oma

  2. To go against convention, to live life on her own terms takes a particular type of bravery. We should all take note of this particular princess’s life choices. As always, you find just the right note. This is a great message!

    • It is a wonderful book, indeed. My Piano Man got it for us to color together–we enjoy the work of the artist. Hm, now I’m wondering what he’ll color first… Scraps was my first from this book.

      “Life, in living color”… That sounds like a poem waiting to be born. 🙂

    • When it comes to certain written work, I approach the reading of it the same way I approach cultures, religions, other people’s ideas and behaviors (the writing of Orson Scott Card): I read it in order to make sense of people and the world. Sometimes, I’m surprised by the fear the writing project… Sometimes, I’m disgusted by the things that ooze out of certain people’s minds… Every time, I learn something.

      There is a lot about race, politics, social beliefs and such in the Oz books. They are quite… illuminating.

      By the way, have you read Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, by Gregory Maguire?

  3. My son and I both wore very bright tye dye yesterday when picking up Mario from kindergarden. Man the looks we got from some people still in pajama pants, and smiles we received from others. I step out in clothing depending on my mood or personality. I will use ” I live for me and love it”, as my motto when I’m smirked.

    • People are so silly when it comes to fashion. You’d think everyone would wear what makes them happy, what makes them smile, what enhances their moods and personalities… But nope, most of the time people put on what they believe others might like (or might approve). That’s really sad… for they never truly taste the glorious smirk you speak of.

  4. You made me cry! A happy cry! You should have seen me, when I got my “fitness test”. I talked to the girl first and I just started to cry at that moment too! LOL!
    I love what you and Debra wrote in the comments!
    And, guess what, I love me!!
    Your art work is magnificent and so are you!!!

  5. Oh Magaly this is just wonderful! Yes, I’m gushing because I like it that much. I don’t think it will surprise you that I’m a huge Oz fan! Love your colorful picture & the poem — the Patchwork Girl is such a unique, wild & free – joyful character. Like how you penned in your poem in the pic too. Thanks for sharing!

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