She’s So Full of Herself

I was going to bed and my stomach laughed at my presumptuous ways. So, I decided to stop trying to dream with my eyes closed, and chose to spend time leafing through bookish dreams instead—books never laugh at me (too loudly *cough*).

Cinderella Skeleton, by Robert D. San Souci, came first. This Cinderella story makes more sense to me than most. I mean, as the picture below suggests, Prince Charming is obviously a forensic anthropologist with a thing for women’s bones… and shoes, which completely explains why he can identify his soulmate by a dismembered limb and not, for instance, by the depth of her conversation or unforgettable eye sockets.

I left the fairy tale to visit The Devil’s Rose, by BROM. As always, his words and art are dark and delicious. This particular book includes very few images with flesh on them, so I decided to show you this one… Well, part of it, since the rest is drenched in blood, and on the way to also being defleshed—dearest BROM delights in creepy.

Speaking of bloody and creepy and nailed, my delicious Piano Man got me a copy of Harlequin Valentine, written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by John Bolton. Yep, he loves me that much… Nothing says I love you like Gaiman, nails and bloody hearts.

And because everything deserves loving and cuddling, I read a few poems from The Sex Lives of Monsters, by Helen Marshall. It was a present from Rommy—it seems that she, too, knows me. I must remember to ask her how long it took her to realize that I’m extremely fond of giant eyeballs, ribcages, spines and dreamcatchers.

After three hours of book-dreaming, my stomach was still being a royal bastard. So, I walked to the terrace to talk to my plants in the dark… just to find out that the moon was completely full of herself, and the darkness had to dance in the shadows…

The dark and the moon playing their natural games made me smile. With a grin on my tired face, I went inside to collect some flower petals I had been drying for a day or 3, and offered them to the moon. She didn’t wink in appreciation or anything, but my tummy was finally ready to let me sleep.

How do you capture sleep when it does not want to play, my Wicked Luvs?

21 thoughts on “She’s So Full of Herself

  1. I so agree about Neil Gaiman. And how wise of you to make the offering to the moon. A friend just texted me from another State, to say she was looking at glorious full moon. ‘Yours’, she said. Oh yes, in Scorpio; I nearly forgot! So I went outside at once to to look. Here, it is sailing in and out of clouds; still pretty. Midnight (some hours hence) for the drawing down. 🙂 Glad your tummy finally let you sleep.

    • I just love that the we can be delighted by the same moon. It makes distance a simple nuisance. For we’ll always have the moon… and words… and flowers… and Neil Gaiman. 😉

  2. Reading works too. 🙂 I need more Brom books in my life. Have you seen The Plucker? The artwork in that is just lovely. Glad you are enjoying the poetry book. I couldn’t resist picking up something with a title like that. 😀

    • I have not read The Plucker, but I went to BROM’s website and saw some of the artwork, and wow! I added it to my list. It will be the next BROM I read… after his novel, Lost Gods.

      • Oh, and yes, reading works for me, too. A good story always gets me in the mood to go to bed and dream. I just have to be sure that the story is not too long, if not… well, you know what happens–no sleep at all. 😀

  3. So sorry about your tummy! Looks like wonderful reading material. When I can’t sleep, I move into my reclining chair with my heating pad and Instagram and Facebook. I used to write, but that would involve turning on the light and ignoring the angry weariness about not being able to sleep.

    • I used to write, too. But since writing just gets me more excited and awake, I must not do it anymore for the same reason as you, I suspect–sleeping means healing.

      Hm… I should probably consider Facebook and Instagram next time…

  4. Sometimes I can overcome a bout of insomnia by just lying quietly in bed, eyes closed, running the same verse over and over and over again in my head (something simple like a nursery rhyme that takes no conscious thought to remember), until I essentially bore myself to sleep.

    Other times, I just get up and watch TV or go online until I feel sleepy again.

  5. I’ve never really figured out anything that works for me. Mostly I just lay there with my mind whirling in a thousand different directions, hoping I don’t wake the long suffering spouse with my tossing and turning. Because although I might be used to very little sleep, he doesn’t do as well with it if I keep him awake too!

    Glad the tummy finally gave up giving you grief and let you get some rest. 💜

    • I’m always thankful for my Piano Man’s ability to sleep through just about anything. Seriously, he is perfect for my sleep behaviors–I go to bed late, I write in bed (and I’m a very loud typer).

  6. It was The Flower Moon, so whether She showed it or not, I feel certain your offering was accepted. And Neil Gaiman…*sigh*, how very lovely.

  7. I got up and read last night (sort of a supernatural tale) then when I went to sleep in the guest bed I meditated myself to sleep. when I have trouble sleeping in the marital bed only makes it worse but not for the reason you might be thinking.

  8. I too commune with the Moon. If/when sleep escapes me, I brew tea and stare into the cool darkness of the sky to fly with the stars XXX

  9. I am so sorry about your tummy!!!
    Your journey to sleep, was a beautiful one, but I just wish your tummy would be nicer to you!
    For me, I meditate or look at the night sky!
    Big Hugs!

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