She’s So Good at Jazzing

My favorite season of the year is cackling her way hotly around New York City—birds singing wildly around my terrace… flowers blossoming with the promise of fruit… me delighting in the warmth of the morning sun… and Sanaa, over at Prompt Nights, asking for “summer [poetry that] sets upon [the] earth’s bosom bare”. I’m feeling rather giving, so here is my wee bit (which I’m also linking to Poets United, Poetry Pantry 308):

“She’s So Good at Jazzing”

She glides under the full moon,
spreading herself over dirt and skin.
Her heat is rouge blushing
the chilled cheekbones of the soul.

She’s so good at jazzing
everything she touches—
tickling blooms into fruiting,
arousing the wild kissing
of pelvises and hips.

She is summer
dancing after spring,
never fearing the fall,
baring breasts and kindling,
not caring if winter comes.

Rouge, by Magic Love Crow“Rouge”, by Magic Love Crow

63 thoughts on “She’s So Good at Jazzing

  1. Whistles!!! Gosh, this is absolutely riveting Magaly 😀 the poem is full of warmth, magic and a sort of fiery romance ❤💜especially adore the images of “Her heat is rouge blushing the chilled cheekbones of the soul.” Sigh.. I can feel each word and each line 😀 Beautifully penned. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤💜

    Lots of love,

  2. Everyone is feeling so excited and hot and poetic about summer except for me.

    All I do is sweat.

    Or, I guess, “glisten”. Captain Beefheart says, “Old women sweat / Young girls glisten.”

    So I’m doing a lot of glistening these days.

  3. This reminded me a bit of the fable about the “Ant and grasshopper” where the ant worked in summer but the grasshopper just enjoyed himself. Nasreen above surely remembers the saying “Men sweat, women glow?”

    • Now I have an image of a carefree (and extremely sexy) grasshopper dancing in summer. Let’s hope she gets enough to eat when winter comes (or that the aunt shares the goods *cough*). 😉

  4. This is one of my favorites of yours, Magaly. You have managed to personify summer in a magical and musical way. How can one not enjoy such a “jazzing” and carefree season!

    • I adore it! I placed it right across from my writing space. Looking at it makes me thinking of summer suns… even after the sun has gone to sleep. Thank you sooo much, my Stacy! ♥

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