Skin to Leaf

“Beautiful that war, and all its deeds of carnage, must in time be utterly lost.” ~ Walt Whitman

The line above is not directly related to the poem that follows, but Kerry shared it, and the words stayed with me. I found myself wishing, So mote it be! For we all know that neither wishes nor prayers can come true, if enough people don’t stand behind them… believing them into reality. I wish we always remember the lessons, and forget what urges us to destroy each other.

“Skin to Leaf”

I grow peace in the purple sweet of lavender, in hardy roots that find power in their home soil, in bee-kissed blooms that scent cloud and sky. I sing of birthing green, of filling bellies, of calming dreams. I touch my cheek to a lavender sprig… and skin-to-leaf, we share our wants and needs. I chant to them of foresting stories in the soothing dark, plants hum to me of seeds in the sun and of rain in the night. I grow peace in the purple sweet of lavender, resting in scent, in color, in life.

soothe me gently, herb,
and I shall spring you stories
of blossoming dark

the wee notes…
– Linked to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (the Sisters Death and Night – Micro Poetry, Sanaa’s Prompt Nights (Rest is the sweet sauce of labor), and Poets United (Poetry Pantry, 307).
So mote it be: “so may it be” or “so it is required” or “so must it be”, similar to “amen”.

lavendera post-surgery gift from my Piano Man
(that man knows me so well)

94 thoughts on “Skin to Leaf

  1. and skin-to-leaf, we share our wants and needs…

    That is a beautiful line. There is so much to hope for in this life, so much tranquility to be found.

  2. This is so appropriate with the tension in the air of more and more war, more political conflict. It is such a soothing song to the Goddess in all of us that wish for peace and nurture to return to the world.

    • We all need something to give us peace even if for just a little while… in between the time we spend trying to figure out how to make things better. May the song be loud and filling.

  3. I grow peace in the purple sweet of lavender,
    resting in scent, in color, in life.
    soothe me gently, herb,

    Why couldn’t peace be seen to be progressing within an aromatic stillness surrounding it. One would have wanted warring factions to sit around a table. Many secretly wished for this but trust was nil as the hidden agenda put a strain to the process. A complex situation but you brilliantly put it in poetic terms, Magaly!


  4. I feel peace emanating from your words; there is something soothing about foliage and growth.
    I really liked your haiku. One of the best I have come across recently.

    Beautifully penned. 🙂

  5. Whistles!! Oh my God this is such a gorgeous gorgeous write Magaly 😀 so much to love here from “bee-kissed blooms that scent cloud and sky” to ” I grow peace in the purple sweet of lavender, resting in scent, in color, in life.” I absolutely adore the haiku as it creates such a soothing image in my mind ❤💜 Beautifully executed!

    Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤💜

    Lots of love,

  6. There is no money in peace, greed drives leaders, corporations and shareholders, we can share the blame by not rising up to educate others there can be alternatives, you are right, inner peace needs to be found first, it is much quieter though, the blooms, petals, scent of lavender, than the media saturated Trumps and victims of gunfire… we could have such a beautiful world… Ms Wicked everything about this is perfect, I hope you are healing and you and your pianoman quietly enjoying the good things, the really beautiful things in life xox

    • My Piano Man and were discussing how buying too much (especially non-essential things) adds to the madness that feeds the world. We aren’t huge buyers. And I wonder, how many things would be better if more of us did the same… We can only hope. And educate, as you suggest. Although I’m not quite sure how to do that…

      I’m healing quickly. I started walking four days after the surgery, and I can walk up to 5 miles already, with a break or two in between. No bleeding and no serious dietary needs. I won’t get the results of the biopsies for a few more days. But I’m very hopeful. And seeing you around here is always a good sign, too. 😀 I hope you, your Big F and the girls are doing great! ♥

  7. What a beautiful, stunning and pertinent haibun this is Magaly. I know we often say “I wish I had written this” when we talk about poetry but this time I really mean it. Politics has always been deliberately divisive yet what we want is the complete opposite with love and caring and the banishment of hate.

  8. Pure bliss, this visit!! Starting with a thought new to me, except I knew all the time. I have a nice ala vera plant growing on my patio. So pretty, but this one hasn’t met my skin yet.
    Also reminded me of ‘A Balm in Gilliad.”
    Wished I was a piano man. You hang on to yours, he has good taste, in many ways.

  9. So many beautiful images..but the smell..the sense of the lavender sinking gently into sore and healing skin pervades the verse..perhaps it is not just the herb but the love with which it was given too – may you heal well

  10. One great lesson from Whitman is that the poet’s song is a way of shouting I Am through the universe, identifying with everything the verse touches … If one wants healing, sing healing. Be the herb. As you so sweetly find here. By so writing, your healing is ours.

  11. Now I’ll think of you every time I rub my hands over the lavender in the pot at my front door (to make them smell nice). ‘Magaly grows lavender too, and it’s her way of creating peace.’ Beautiful writing.

  12. Without that connection, skin to leaf, without a soft handfasting with Nature, we become monsters, I think–too many have turned away from her and it brings madness and pain. Here you give us the cure, simple and effective, and full of the scent of life. Hope all is going well with you post-op, dear Magaly.

    • I agree, Hedge… We’ll never be able to appreciate each other, if we don’t see the value of what keep us alive and breathing. We’ve become unnatural things, forgetting that we need dirt and leaves, imagining that we can rule everything…

      I’m don’t well. Healing slowly, but healing. Fingers crossed…

  13. Dear Magaly– first I hope you are feeling or will feel better soon. Your poem spins a beautiful metaphor– I love lavender too and it seems especially a scent associate with remembrance and with soothing. Lovely. Thanks. K.

  14. Lavender, Jasmine, and Lilac. I miss these. Hard to grow where the air is poisonous and soil is asphalt. But this bring it to life, and may life grow, and where it grows so may peace. 🙂

    • Can you grow lavender in pots? I haven’t grown anything directly in the ground for years–not a lot of space in NYC. But I always have a plant or 13 in a wee forest of pots. Lavender is a very resilient plant. And if you grow it indoors, it will make everything smell so yummy.

  15. This poem is a balm, which grows peace in its reader. Truly lovely, my friend. Such a beautiful Knowing, exchanging thoughts with herbs and growing things. The nature spirits are smiling.

  16. That is a wonderful, powerful quote from Whitman, and I can feel him lurking around in this poem. Those great “I’s” you start your lines with hearken back to him. This was a lovely, deep read.

  17. My favourite lines:
    I touch my cheek to a lavender sprig… and skin-to-leaf, we share our wants and needs.
    Herbs are for sharing and soothing, especially lavender.
    Thank you for your lavender-scented words.

  18. This is so lovely, it really touched me. You are able to express in words feelings that we often have without the capacity to share the warmth in words. You have done that beautifully.

  19. ‘I grow peace in the purple sweet of lavender’ – what a perfect line, and perfect, too, ‘skin-to-leaf, we share our wants and needs’
    Truly lyrical writing.

  20. Hello dear darling, Magaly! What a delightful feat to ‘… grow peace in the purple sweet of lavender’, your stories will not only blossom but remain imprinted on the heart. How I wish to dwell in a world with sweet scent of lavender! Hopeful and comforting piece.

    I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep up and hear how your surgery went. I hope you’re keeping & recovering well. Sending you much love. And thank you always, for your support and generous heart.♥♥♥

    • I hope you and your muse are still enjoying your away time–Solitude is a great storyteller. I’m sending some lavender-scented hugs your way.

      The surgery went well. And soon we’ll know if the treatment worked. *fingers crossed!*

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