22 thoughts on “Skintight

  1. And this is why dragons are extinct. Fashion… Of course, if I had it, I’d wear it. With the required glass slippers which, I guess, would insulate the wearer from earthing the magic.

    Lots of squirty stuff here. I loved the idea of burning the blood so that everything resets. That’s got to be the drawback of blood magic, right? No blood, no go.

    • “…earthing” glass sleepers, love it!

      The intricacies of blood magic run so deep (no pun intended). The number of things lore suggests can be done with it, is only surpassed by the number of way one must employ in order to keep it safe from enemies… and hungry floors, obviously.

  2. Another delicious, well-written bit of … Magaly…ness? Magalyism? I’m going to come up with a word that means Magaly/Dark Fiction/ and your unique style, really I am. I may split the atom or open a portal to another dimension when I find it and utter it out loud, but I still mean to find it. I expect to see Fine Arts Macabre Business Cards this Halloween. *nod* Entertaining as always, Lady Magaly.

  3. This is fascinating, visceral, terrifying and really layered, Magaly. I also see shadows of your own pain in the vivid power and bright, devilish arrows you transform it into here–making this not just an intricate fantasy-horror-tale but a parable to learn from. I need to get your longer work in paper, as my poor vision makes reading long stuff tedious online. Thanks for linking this–I loved it.

    • Words can transform so many things–pain into gain, hurt into determination… at least the do it for me. I think that feeling certainly touches my writings.

      I’ve been extremely lazy and haven’t published anything in print. Many readers have asked for it… It might be time to do so. Soon… 😉

  4. I cannot wait to see what the synergy of Dee-Laila will do next. Where the heck is that late-to-the-party Kassia? And, just Who was that Archer? So many questions, I have.

  5. Oh my goodness! One minute I’m all caught up in the idea of Benedict Cumberbatch painting on that dress and then WHAM! blood and mayhem! You tell a good story, my dear.

    P.S. I know it seems very unlikely, but My Rare One has recently become a Cumberbitch. She just adores him! I like him too but I’m more of a Hiddlestoner myself.

    • “…blood and mayhem” will get you every time.

      Ha! This is the first time I hear the terms “Cumberbitch” and “Hiddlestoner”. I just choked laughing! So… one can’t be both? I mean, they are so different. May double-dipping prevail!

  6. Oh wow! This was my first Laila Flynn ~ and I’m caught in her spell! Must read the rest! Brilliant writing Magaly! Thank you.

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