Sometimes Peace and Shame Must Dance Together

“The white sculpture arrived when the birds stopped singing. It sealed the treaty between us and the Mythicals—they gave us magic, we repaid with Essence. Everybody said Essence was hippy crap. Then, Jack Evans died.”

“County records say the Evans family relocated, sir. Why think he’s dead?”

I looked at my old hands, and said, “I… told Jack ‘Real men touch The White’—we kids call it that. Jack touched The White… It turned red and swallowed him.”

“This happened years ago. Why speak now?”

“Because I turned fifteen today… and looked it, until my family repaid the Mythicals.”

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photo by Jennifer Pendergast

81 thoughts on “Sometimes Peace and Shame Must Dance Together

  1. I like this a lot. You’ve conjured a big background universe here. I’ve read it through four times and I’m still puzzling over the narrators fate, but enjoying doing so! = )

    • Thank you, Carl. This is a glimpse into the novel I’m currently working on. There was something about the brightness and prettiness of that photograph that made me think about the horrors that might lurk when people are not looking…

  2. This has so many horrifying implications. Clearly the Mythicals are taking youth and life, but from the questions asked, it looks like people are not yet widely aware of what they’ve given up in that peace treaty. Hopefully they’ll wake up soon.

  3. Dear Magaly,

    Dale’s right. This does sound like the blurb for a book or the opening of a larger work. There’s something sinister, it seems, on the horizon and my curiosity is piqued. Well done.



    PS re a comment you left on James’ story…Thank you for your service. This American is grateful.

  4. Wow! This is such an original spin on the prompt Magaly! Really intriguing, that quiet pact and the debt that had to be repaid. Well done for fitting so much story into so few words and for creating atmosphere too. Nicely done

  5. Damn it. I’m trying very hard not to get distracted by this wonderful prompt-writing. But surely I can stop at 100 words, right? Right? I can stop. I just know I can. *worried pacing*

  6. Interesting world-building going on here, and sounds like there’s so much more behind it. Makes me wonder why they made this deal with the Mythicals, since it seems to be literally sucking the life out of them. And your title really intrigues me too. Will we see more soon?

  7. If one tribe (group, whatever) is called the Mythicals, what is the other party called? Their magic is very powerful, but not in a peaceful nature. Great snippet of the larger story.

  8. Brrrr, I’ve goosebumps on my arms. No deals with the Mythicals for me.
    This story oozes with threat and the promise of a most interesting tale. You have a unique style. Am loving it.

  9. Great world building! Can’t wait for you to populate it! Funny how folks don’t know they have been sold the short end until the bill arrives. I see parallels here. Well done!

  10. I love the title – it’s thought-provoking and full of promise for the conflict to come. I’m delighted to read in the comments that there is a novel on the cards. I look forward to reading more

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