Spring Equinox in New York

Spring comes to New York City in thigh-high snow boots, pockets full of pomegranate seeds and the sprouting hopes of Winter’s dead. Some shoot frigid thoughts her way, but Crocuses and Dogwoods stretch their roots under icy soil, and bloom. The wild Witch dances barefoot in snow, heating this mad world from the inside out. Frozen tears melt into dirt, and Spring shrouds Winter with songs of buzzing bees and butterfly kisses… to come.

frosty March
chilling flesh and bone,
but souls spring

the wee notes…
– Remnants from our last snowstorm are dirty piles on the ground. So, I’m not celebrating this Spring Equinox in my traditional witchy way—walking in the woods as the sun rises, searching for spring sprouting through dead leaves, listening to birds sing of mating and fighting and of whose plumage is most impressive. On this first day of spring, I shall be Aries wild, and celebrate her coming by playing with my books, thinking of seeds, singing offkey, dancing… right after my limbs stop feeling stiff enough to snap (say that 13 times fast).
– Pomegranate Seeds ~ in Greek Mythology, spring doesn’t start until Persephone returns from the Underworld. Soon after her return, it is discovered that her stay won’t be permanent—she ate pomegranate seeds while she was there.
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Wishing you a delicious Spring Equinox, my Wicked Luvs.

49 thoughts on “Spring Equinox in New York

  1. The Soul knows, as does the body. When the weather is not following what we think of as normal, we still feel that quickening in our bodies. That tingle in certain regions *cough*, the spring in our step, the deeper breaths all betray that we know what is coming. As ever, beautifully written!

  2. walking in the woods as the sun rises,
    searching for spring sprouting through
    dead leaves, listening to birds sing of mating

    There’s a lot to miss out at the tail-end of Winter for you, Magaly! One of those things, I reckon!


  3. This morning I was picking the last pomegranates of Autumn from the two trees in my garden. I split two to feed to the birds and ate one… So strange to think of you with a pocketful of the seeds in the cold of northern climes.

  4. Beautiful!! Simply beautiful!! I was out today doing some Spring clean up! Tonight, we are under a deep freeze! Crazy weather! LOL! Happy Spring 🙂 Big Hugs and Much Love 🙂

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