Storm the Dark with Me

“It’s time to write about the dead and undead,” Björn tells us. Not “the cuteness of trick or treat, but the real fear that hides beneath your bed. Bring out the beasts at night and make it hard for me to sleep.” Often, fear is that which keeps us awake… because we want it so damn much.

“Storm the Dark with Me”

I never bite a throat
that invites not my ripping
teeth. I’ve been waiting,

but hope is leaving me…

She will never want
her warmth on my tongue,
my eyes in her heart.

Then I see my desires
curve the red of her lips
for me, asking for touch
that quivers my bones.

“Storm the dark
with me,” she says, fingers tight
around my need.

I follow her, teeth ready
to feel her, throat exposed
to receive anything…

she is willing to give.

a wee note…
– Linked to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Creatures of the Night

storm-the-darkpoem bit created from Edgar Allan Poe and Sigmund Freud magnetic poetry kits
charm clip crafted by Eliora

43 thoughts on “Storm the Dark with Me

  1. Whatever consenting creatures of the night do is fine by me! Darkly passionate and quite fascinating. I enjoyed this shift of perspective that still kept the sensual aspect of vampires intact.

  2. I follow her, teeth ready
    to feel her, throat exposed
    to receive anything…

    Ever ready to savor the flesh and blood being offered and loving it! Dark feelings seem to be taking over with glee!


  3. I note how our cats don’t distinguish love and appetite–getting petted and getting fed are the same thing. In that way we desire fear? The walls we build were meant to be broken down, the gate trespassed, penetrated: these thoughts coil in your interlude with a vampyre–a commingling of fear and desire to “storm the dark.” Indeed. Well done.

  4. Aw, the challenge of new blood. Your villan seemed to be wanting to be rejected and sounded a bit disappointed. But he didn’t hesitate when we gave in.

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