It’s raining white cold in my bit of New York City. Looking out of my balcony window, I see the bare limbs of my favorite trees through a curtain of white dust. I dream of going out to play, of letting winter’s kiss flush my cheeks, of catching snowflakes on my tongue while giggling cackles to the sky. But since the snow is falling too hard, I postponed my wintry dreams… and played with my Edgar Allan Poe’s and Sigmund Freud’s magnetic poetry kits. I used the kits to create a wee poem for the Imaginary Garden (Play It Again, Toads!): Words Count with Mama Zen. Also linked to Poets United, Poetry Pantry 286.


She kisses a storm on his skin;
and in his heart
lies desire.
♥ the scarf framing the poem is knitted love from my sweet Gina
♥ her gift makes winter warm and sparkly ♥

71 thoughts on “Storm

  1. Great inspiration, Magaly! I, too, when with Mama’s prompt. Used to live in Manhattan and then Queens. There is something exciting – but dangerous – about heavy snows. My prayers are for your warmth and safety – and for safe haven for the homeless. I do remember how folks were hustled out of subways and all if they were “loitering,” but in the old days, the police were more lenient during this weather… Be well! Amy

    • Things can be terrible indeed when the weather is this bad. But the police rarely throws the homeless out of the subway, they even look the other way when someone finds shelter in other places (like 24 hours ATM lobbies), unless owners make a fuzz. Still, we always lose so many to the cold… there are just not enough shelters, not enough help…

  2. Ah.. so exciting to read about winter elsewhere…. here it’s getting warmer.. but still winter. I love how you created the image from the magnetic poem and the scarf… stay warm 🙂

  3. Amazing what can be created in this way! I like the idea of kissing a storm on someone’s skin…such a sensual way of expressing it; and indeed with such a ‘storm’ no surprise that it would create desire. Enjoy the depth of these few words.

    And as for your weather, whew….what a storm! Stay safe.

  4. Storms can be violent and all consuming, perhaps blinding when you are caught in it. I like that feeling in the last line. It feels like a warning not to be storm blinded, because things can lie hidden in the drifts, especially when you are trying not to see them.

  5. Such a beautiful poem and such a beautiful scarf! Gina scored the perfect wool for you, didn’t she? 🙂

    I’m just waiting for the sun to come up so I can make the first human tracks down our driveway in the fresh snow. But I need daylight so I can see what’s barreling out of the forest towards me, even if it is only a deer or an owl. It’s too early in the morning for heart failure. 😉

    • Perfect texture and colors, too! It’s my favorite scarf and I think it will be my favorite for a very long time. Gina knows me sooo well.

      I’m dying to go outside. But My doctors would probably murder me, so I’ll stay in. My defenses are pretty low at the moment, and with all the tests coming up I can’t afford catching a cold. Just like heart failure is an awful idea too early in the morning, coughing when someone is shoving a tube down your throat just won’t do. 😀

    • You are correct, my beloved Sherry. The snowplows are still hard at work, and staying out of their way is good advice.

      Thank you for noticing my precious scarf. My friend Gina is a genius with knitting needles!

  6. Very cool method of composition–a lot of fun to play with words in a concrete as well as imaginary way–and the perfect thing to do on a snowy day. Stay safe, dear Magaly, though by now, hopefully the pande-snow-ium is easing. ;_)

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