Stupidity Kills the Mind and Maims So Many Souls

I was rereading some of the blackout poems I’ve crafted these last few weeks, and noticed a fist-pumping, teeth-baring, hope-seeking (and giving) theme. I wanted to share what I saw… so I took the poem bits… and made a poem… out of poems (only the italicized words are new). I’m linking my poetic Frankenstein to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (Tuesday Platform).

“Stupidity Kills the Mind and Maims So Many Souls”

Be wild magic.
Retaliate to basic—
be brave,
do words.

Grumble savage songs
to men, give shadow magic;
carve a wonder spell.
War doesn’t help—
stupidity kills
the mind (and maims
so many souls)

Love yourself
(and others)
from all angles,
and blossom.

The original Poem Bits:
1. Be Wild

2. Retaliate

3. Do Words

4. Shadow Magic

5. War

6. Stupidity

7. Blossom

55 thoughts on “Stupidity Kills the Mind and Maims So Many Souls

  1. Have you ever listened to the Nightvale podcast? I can’t remember which episode it was but the quote at the end was a twist on Ignorance is Bliss concept. I think it went “Ignorance isn’t bliss, it is merely convenient.” Stupidity Kills and Maims fits so well with this. Brilliant creation!

  2. Oh wow Magaly….guess someone was trying to tell you something lol Fabulous words that work together with such intensity an feeling XXX

  3. What a brilliant idea! I certainly get the fist pumping, teeth baring, hope seeking. We are either not enough or too much! This was perfect to start my day! Many thanks!

  4. The title of your post caught my eye… Sidebar: I thought it was in reference to the horror in Orlando…. it fits doesn’t it? btw, they arrested someone (where my daughters live) who had explosives in car … is it a coincidence that West Hollywood was having their Gay Pride Parade on the same day this fool is arrested????

    • I was thinking about Orlando when I put these together… mostly about what we should do in order to avoid the kind of catastrophes. The world is getting uglier and uglier and uglier. And we need to stop it from becoming an ever-growing nightmare.

    • I’m glad the explosives were found before anything terrible happened. And sadly, I agree with you. The madness was probably heading to the parade… What the hell is wrong with people?

  5. A poem with a brave message of hope.. I love the way you have presented your pages of words. You are so artistic, Magaly.

  6. Making a poem out of your poems it’s wonderful! I love your art and poetry. Personally, I know the satisfaction of bringing poem and work together there’s nothing like it. Stunning work!

  7. 1) Thank you for introducing me to “blackout” poetry. I believe poetry can be found just about anywhere if you know how to look and this is plays well into that concept. I adore your examples of it. I have to try this sometime.

    2) Yes, your muse was definitely leading down a subtle path, and

    3) The end results of it all is phenomenal. “Do words” indeed!

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