Creative Collaborations and Sponsors for Witches in Fiction 2016

One of the things I love most about Witches in Fiction (and other themed blog parties) is seeing the wonders different souls can create, while being inspired by the same idea. This might be one of the reasons why I find so much joy in the creation of the party banner. I tell Shelle what I’m thinking, she tells me what she thinks about it, we rant and shake our fists, and awesome is born.

When I started writing this post, my intention was to explore the different bits that inspired the Spelling Healing into a Rotting World painting. Then I thought of something, which I believe is better: I would love to know what you see in the following close-ups of the painting. Tell me about the expressions on the faces, about the items included in the painting, about the colors, the mood, the feels…

the Painter

the Writer

she could be the Knitter, the Singer, the Ninja, the Potion Maker (the Potion Sniffer?)

the Gardener

the Sculptor





I plan to examine the painting in the future. When I do, I want to include your insights. I’m really, really, really curious to learn what you see. I think this painting tells so many tales…

Sponsorship… There are 5 artists sponsoring this year’s party: Alchemy & Ashes, Eliora, Three Cats and a Broom, SunshineShelle, and Touch of the Goddess. They have filled the 5 individual slots I set aside for this year. However, there is a lot of room left in The Basket: the last giveaway of the party, which will include my own giveaway and the giveaways of anyone who wishes to sponsor starting today. If you are interested, please email me at magalyguerrero @ live . com.

P.S. This just occurred to me… My contribution for this year’s party will be a story inspired by Shelle’s painting. I will try to incorporate “what you see” in the tale. I always love what we create together (like “On the Wheel of Living and Dying”). What do you see, my Wicked Luvs?

Witches in Fiction 2016: Spelling Healing into a Rotting World

The world is rotting in human madness.

That’s the thought that crosses my mind every time I read or watch the news—children around the world are going hungry, countries are closing their borders to people in need, nations dream of more elaborate ways to kill each other, the cost of health care is so high that those who need it most can’t even imagine a way to afford it, food is being poisoned, education is not available to all, the want for oil money is drowning the need for water and respect for the beliefs of others…

The world is very sick. Wherever we look, we find something dying. With that in mind, for the sixth year of Witches in Fiction, I invite you to Spell Healing into a Rotting World. Let’s grab our artistic weapons of choice, and use them to right something currently wronging our world.witches-in-fiction-2016This event is open to all imaginative bloggers, who wish to sprinkle a bit of magic into their art and then share it with the world: storytellers, painters, crafters, sculptors, potion makers, ninjas, gardeners, photographers, potion drinkers, knitters, poets, doll makers, singers, kittens with their own internet accounts, dogs suspicious of kittens with their own internet accounts, cats who have stolen their humans’ internet accounts… Yes, my Wicked Luvs, everyone is welcomed.

There is only one rule: Your entry must include some sort of magic and a fictional storyline.

The healing yum starts on Friday, October 21st, at 12:13 am EDT. And it will go on all weekend long. On party day, I’ll provide a post where we can share the direct links to our contributions.

If you are not sure how to approach this year’s topic with your art, let me know in the comments and I will try to help. Here are some ideas: a storyteller could write a short tale about a character battling one of the problems rotting the world; a poet could craft a healing spell; photographers, doll makers, gardeners, painters… can create a piece and write a wee tale about how said piece positively affected one of the issues rotting the world. Fiction gives us a universe of choices.

To join, leave me a comment which includes your blog link and blog name. I will add you to The Artistic Healers list (see below). The list will be updated a few times a day. If you join and then find out that you can’t participate, sent me a line and I’ll remove your name from the list. Please spread the word. And if you’re feeling especially festive, grab the party button. Every action starts as an idea. When that idea is born as art, the action is just a short step away. Create… and step!

The Artistic Sponsors
Alchemy & Ashes
Little Gothic Horrors
Magaly Guerrero
Magic Love Crow
Olde Baggs ‘n Stuffed Shirts
Three Cats and a Broom
Touch of the Goddess

The Artistic Healers
A Dash of Sunny
Anima ex Manus Art Dolls
Cackle and Hoot
Daydream Believer
Dreaming of Rosemary
Emotion (Sometimes) Recollected in Tranquility
Fanny Fae
Foreigner in My Own Backyard
Gypsy Spirit Rising
Incipient Wings
Holly’s Horrorland
Khaya Ronkainen
Kestril’s Rhythms and Grove
Laura and Her Favorite Things…
Lee Smith
Little Gothic Horrors
Magic Love Crow
Magaly Guerrero
Ms Misantropia
Notes from the Underground
Olde Baggs ‘n Stuffed Shirts
Pen and Feather
Rue and Hyssop
Witchcraft and Literature

These Roots Were Made for Walking, a Giveaway

She’s an artist, a dirt worshiper, a professional magpie and a story painter. The she I speak of is Caitlynn Abdow. One of her drawings inspired my poem, “Heart and Guts Make the Blooms Grow Brighter”. When she offered me the piece, I squealed like a blooming lunatic! Then, after breathing out some of my greed, I decided that the drawing would make a perfect Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month giveaway. Don’t you think so, my Wicked Luvs?

These Roots Were Made for Walking“Tulip Girls”, by Caitlynn Abdow

Caitlynn’s artwork tells stories of mythical surrealism dancing with motifs that make life rich and real. If you visit her cyber-home, and look at pieces like “Samhain”, “Yule” and “Gemini”, you’ll probably feel what I mean. Read her Accumulative Realists Collective statement for more.

To Enter the Giveaway: leave a comment letting me know what you like best about the piece.

for extra entries…
1st extra: Share the giveaway image on Instagram. Tag me (@magalyguerreroindarkerwords) and Caitlynn (@caitlynnabdow), so that I can note the entry.
2nd extra: Share the giveaway image on Facebook. Tag my page, Magaly Guerrero (writer), and I’ll note the extra entry.
3rd extra: Visit Caitlynn’s Painting and Illustration pages; tell me which piece you like best.

These Roots Were Made for Walking, a Giveaway

Giveaway Rules, details and stuff…
* I need to be able to contact the winner. If you don’t have a website or social media profile, through which we can interact, please add your email to your comment. If your name comes up, and I have no way of contacting you, I’ll choose another name.
* To my Canadian Luvs, before you can claim your prize, I must challenge your math skills by asking you a very obscure question, such as… what’s 13 + .5? Yeah, as obscure as the law

* This giveaway ends on May 2nd, 2016, at 10:13 pm, EDT. The name of the winner will be added to the end of this post on May 3rd, and I will contact him or her on the same day.
* This giveaway is open worldwide, excluding any place where prohibited by law.

April 3rd, 2016
And the giveaway winner is… Khaya Ronkainen.
Congratulations, dear Khaya!
Please send me your mailing info (magalyguerrero @ live . com)
and I shall forward it to Caitlynn.