Irrepressible Wild Woman

We fight, Fate and I,
while she’s plucking words
out of my back, whisperings
that say she wants mad art
screaming at life:

“Be words of embryonic blood,
hurricanic laughter in tradition’s walls.
Be raw fearlessness.”

I stretch my spine, bare
my teeth, give what pleases her
and me—I am an irrepressible
Wild Woman.

the wee notes…
– I’m really enjoying this tweaking and combining of Poem Bits… I hope you don’t tire of the results too quickly, my Wicked Luvs, for I see a few of them in our future. They are just so much fun to play with. 🙂
– Linked to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (Flash 55) and Poets United (Poetry Pantry 318).
– Below, I’ve included the blackout poem bits that make up this piece. Find similar bits, on Instagram.

Mad Art


Wild Woman

Use Word Foreplay

This weekend, over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Kerry invited us to craft a poem while keeping in mind the phrase, “This is not what we came to see”, from Brian Patten’s “The Projectionist’s Nightmare”. My muse might’ve had way too much fun with the prompt *cough, cough, cough*.

“Use word foreplay”, he ordered.

She obeyed, whispering, “Hard,
deep, harder!” her edge and her tongue
cutting quick and bleeding bone.

His eyes opened so wide, his mouth
wider… as her stiletto hit the right spot
between his legs, and his screaming
thrilled her will to take all.

“I am trouble”, she batted
long bloodied lashes, “it’s not a rumor.”

the wee notes…
– Kerry’s prompt asks for a new poem. The 3 blackouts that inspired this short piece were born months apart; separate, they tell three different tales. I’ve combined them, tweaked them through the mind of a slightly disturbed speaker, and (I believe) turned them into something new. Let’s see what Kerry says…
– I am also linking this bit to Poets United – Poetry Pantry 316.

Use Word Foreplay


A Troubling Rumor