Beautiful Freaks Fest 2

Scars, Scars, Scars… Such Terrible Beauty!

Have you ever wondered what would’ve happened if Dr. Frankenstein would’ve protected and nurtured… the monster his brain, his circumstances, and his living created? If he would’ve embraced that terrible creature, incorporated its strength into his own life, accepted the monster as part of what made him who he was? I have wondered… and this year, for our 2nd Beautiful Freaks Fest, Emma, Rommy, and I wish to turn those wonderings into deliciously freakish art of terrible beauty.

The idea came to us quite organically (and… creepily, in the best of ways). I had been telling my Piano Man that whatever Halloween event I chose to participate in 2018 would play around the idea of scars. After all the physical and psychological stitching my flesh and soul have danced with these last few months, scars just… make sense. Then, a handful of hours later, Emma informs me that this year is the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein… and that Elsa Lanchester’s (The Bride of Frankenstein) birthday is October 28, which happens to be the same weekend we had been considering for the blog party. And, just in case these details failed to overload our gloriously creepy meter, Rommy wrote “Uncomfortable”, a piece full of needles, and rage, and stitched flesh that morph into needed weaponry.

Emma, Rommy, and I understand that not everyone might see the effects of a life-sucking disease, or experiments gone wrong, or of characters remaking themselves through pain (to fight tormentors) as beautiful or as a source of strength. But… for this event, that’s exactly what we’re inviting you to do: let’s create art (short tales, dolls, poems, sculptures, songs, paintings, spells, jewelry… anything you can think of) that celebrates the magic of embracing the scars life has marked our skins and minds with and turn all that hurt into an artful armor of terrible beauty.

The prompt is quite open… here are some examples to entice your muse:
– “Praying Him into an Angel”, by Magaly Guerrero, a short story I wrote to help me deal (in a positive and humorous way) with deep scars carved by loss and grief.
Drusilla, by Emma Yardis, an armless and legless doll who never allows her lack of limbs to keep her from being happy (or bringing joy to her adopted humans).
– “Uncomfortable”, by Rommy Driks, a poem that takes the current socio-political horrors and brews them into a piece of writing that bleeds and screams and hopes.
The Broken Column, by Frida Kahlo, she “looks forward, unflinchingly… In spite of the brokenness of her internal body, her external sensuality is unmarred.” Frida painted her pain into masterpieces that continues to soothe and inspire the masses.
– Harry Potter’s lightning bolt shaped scar… all right, so Harry isn’t always all that fond of his scar, but when he understands that it is a part of him he can’t safely get rid of, he does what he must to benefit from it.

In short, my Wicked Luvs, your contribution to the Beautiful Freaks Fest can be about any topic… as long as said topic is centered around scars… and conveys a positive message. The world has as much negativity as it can handle at the moment. So, let us create uplifting art together, and sprinkle it with the sort of terrible beauty that makes us human (okay, not just human, but humans we can be proud of).


the notes and guidance and such…
– To join the party, add your blog link using the Inlinkz tool below. On party day, I will publish a new post where you can add the direct link to your contribution.
– Please do not leave links in the comment section. The comment section is for… comments. If you leave links there, we’ll delete them. Embrace the blue linky frog.
– We will party from Oct 26th to Oct 28th. You can post (1 entry per platform) every day of the party. Visit other Beautiful Freaks lovers. Spread the word… If you have questions, please add them to the comment section of this post, Emma, Rommy, or my slightly-chemo-poisoned self will be lurking around to answer them.


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Rommy on Instagram: @rommy_driks
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Igor Had Me in Stitches and Other not-so-Monstrous Bits

I’m never late to a party where the guests of honor are monsters. But my jaw and I found ourselves forced to spend unscheduled quality time with the fang doctor, and now I’m flying to May Monster Madness with Mistress Tardiness wailing horrors down my neck.

Right now, my jaw hates the whole world. And I don’t think there is a word that effectively describes what she feel towards scalpels, stitches, and the sound some people make when they are convinced that they can get milkshake out of an empty cup, if they just suck harder on their straw. I’m not sure why *cough*, but I think my jaw will stay irritated for a while. When I asked her if she would write this post for me, she said, “Certainly. I’ll use the fang physician’s blood as ink and make parchment out of his skin and—”

Um… I decided to write the post myself, since I didn’t think the visit was that horrible. I even laughed while I was being tortured. You see, my oral surgeon’s first name is Igor. So, of course, the moment a hand, equipped with needle and thread, approached my mouth, I lost it… and roared with laughter. He just kept on stitching. I was impressed by the steadiness of his hands. After he was done suturing, I tried explaining why I had laughed like a lunatic. But… the laughter came back, and I only said, “Igor! Stitches!” He finally got it, and yep, roared.

My jaw is still holding on to her rage, so my contribution to this year’s MMM is a short, simple sampler of not-so-monstrous bits with monsters in them:

The 1st offering is a Gary Larson cartoon that illustrates something I’ve always wondered about the more violent halves of monsters who are not monstrous all the time. How do they feel about their seemingly less threatening halves?


The 2nd was crafted in the middle of the night—the monstering hour—while I tried to convince my jaw that pain is the most terrible of gods, that he can not be defeated with more pain, so wishing for our head to explode wouldn’t help.


The 3rd and final offering was inspired by a tweet, whose vileness should not be repeated. The disgusting statement left me thinking that no beast will ever be as terrible or despicable as the human monster.  


Hm, I went from bright to ominous without meaning to. I guess I could blame it on my jaw, but I won’t. We must never disregard our human monsters… not today, when their corruption spreads to the highest hills.

Don’t forget to visit Annie Walls, the host of May Monster Madness 2018, to see what else is brewing…