Bubbles and Bones

I need to stay away from things like “Shakespeare in Spray Paint and Other Literary Graffiti”. You see, I rarely publish two posts on the same day; my laziness doesn’t care for it. Besides, I didn’t want you to miss my previous post, where I said that I had a delicious exchange with Sherry, and that you can read the interview on Poets United.

But… I was flying by dVerse… and De said she wanted a quadrille with bubbles! No one can truly expect me to resist bubbles… or Poe painted on a wall wearing a ridiculously angry hat. So here is the poem I shouldn’t have written. It has bubbles in it. 😀

“Bubbles and Bones”

Poe shall play with bubbles
nevermore. His heart is deep in
the game of bones, cats, eyeballs,
and perhaps a cousin’s teeth.

I like to write cousins with teeth
in them… I love bubbles,
bones, eyeballs, and Poe
to play in the dark with.


Poeborrowed from “Shakespeare in Spray Paint and Other Literary Graffiti

Blood, Cackles and Bones

She sprouted, bloodied to the teeth;

cackled through life, growing
grins in opened eyes thought barren.

She lives in bones
danced to mirth-filled ashes,

Margaret wants us to Play It Again. I’ve said yes… via Words Count with Mama Zen. She asks for poetry, in twenty-five words or fewer, which focuses on “an image that a writer returns to time after time. It’s part art, part personal mythology, and part creative shorthand. It’s a thing, a sound, an angle of light; it’s anything that a writer imbues with a greater meaning than it would ordinarily have and adopts as a signature symbol… What’s your power image? What sort of symbols do you find yourself returning to again and again? Show us…”

for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

Circle of Life“Circle of Life”