Sister to Storm to Dirt to Flame

“…in war, love and Stories things are rarely what they seem.” ~ Thorn in Red

I was Sister to Storm to Dirt to Flame
before she,
who claimed to have chosen me as her own,
fancied glitter could glamour
the broken spine of usurped energy.

Stagnant through time and Realms,
the twinkling twit
has met not the wisdom that feeds
the babes in evolution’s belly;

a witch in touch
with the Nature who made her
would never pretend…

or believe a rogue made of her magic
could shoot arrows through my blood

and keep her own eyes.


My soul ached for flesh,

but I didn’t eat my own shoes:
the innocent should never be digested.

No rules of cast
over the guarding of my walls
and blood.

She sent her magic-ripen creation
to end mine,
knowing energy can’t be destroyed.
But it can be changed.

I wound my essence around the shape of her Archer;
I summoned air, called on earth, welcomed the fire
that seals flesh to soul and Crafts stories.
I pushed from under a house of lies and with open eyes,
I rebirthed my Self anew.

for NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Day 11 – I Hear Fictional Poets: Create a poem written from the point of view of a fictional character. Do cite the work where the character appears. That way, we can wink at her, him, it… if we wish to.

and for Oma Linda’s Shadows of Oz
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Rebirth, by Patricia Ariel“Rebirth”, by Patricia Ariel