A Well-Fed Love

never tames
a well-fed love,
time only makes good

Our first date was wild.

Remember? You wrecked your car, so…
I put your hand on my thigh and drove.

Lunch ended with chocolate-covered coffee
ice cream, our mouths learning our bodies,
our souls finding ecstasy in being one.

Our first date was wild. And the next
will be better.



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Chasing Wholeness with a Knife

her nightmares

seek asylum
in uncanny ink,

bled by a tongue
bitten hard
by her own teeth

– – –

a broken woman

forever chasing
wholeness with a knife,

cutting through all
she wants
but fails to understand

– – –

all pitied her,

she maimed the village.

“I just wanted
to fix you,” she said again,
believing the lie


part of the inspiration behind this cherita trio,
the rest is in the wee notes

the wee notes…
– after two people got into a fistfight, over James Comey and 45 (one called 45 a liar and Comey a patriot, the other called Comey a traitor and 45 a necessity), an old-timer said to me, “And that’s the bad of it. That man’s lies cut people.” I have no idea if he was talking about Comey or about the Orange Infection. But the words stayed with me, the image of lies cutting through people like a knife.
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If Haiku Married Tanka, They Would Probably Birth Cherita

While exploring the wild gardens of short poetic forms, I ran into the Cherita bush. All right, it’s not a bush, so stop rolling your eyes at me. Cherita means story or tale in Malay, and it’s the name of a poetic form that consists of three stanzas—the first has 1 line, the second 2, and the third has 3 lines. The poem tells a story (that reads like haiku married tanka and they birthed pure yum).


spring comes,

growing warm
and spilling

wet kisses,
softening the prick
of a thorn



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