Passion in Bloom

I can’t garden as much as I would like, but I can still delight in watching my wild witchy garden grow… and bloom. I care for 20 something green babies, but only two of them flower—the daisy in autumn and the passiflora in spring. The latter just offered a late spring gift:
Passion Flower (1)

The whole house smells delicious. I can’t stop myself from walking to the vine, and inhaling the flowers’ yumminess from up-close… or from playing with the tendrils:
Passion Flower (2)


Nature is such a crafter, isn’t she? You leave her alone for bit… and she weaves wonders:
Passion Flower (3)

I’m not growing any vegetables at the moment. I was too sick to start the seeds when the time was right. I might buy a plant… I miss grabbing a tomato or a pepper from my own garden.

On the writing front, I’m editing and rewriting for my next short story collection. I’m taking it very slow… enjoying the process. I’m writing a tale or three in between. I’m living and grinning. What about you, my Wicked Luvs? What have you been up to?

A Living Curl

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t in complete love with Nature. So when Sanaa’s Prompt Nights asked for poems that sprouted “when [one was] besotted with green”, I had a chat with my container garden. A twisted leaf, from one of my wee grapefruit plants, spoke the loudest. 😉

“A Living Curl”

am a living curl
in the must-be-straight
and normal
of society’s garden.

am no one’s
black or white sheep
(my fabric is of luscious

with my own luster
and live with the rest,

I always remain only me.


Grapefruit Leaf