How Different We Are Not

My pen won’t be sated by blood pumped by the heart of another. The best tales are filled by laughter, wails, pleasure and agonies birthed out of flesh and spirits that lived them. You can’t suffer my hurts for me, I won’t weep your tears for you. But we can carve our feels into each other’s bones, and share with the world until all see how different our hates and loves are not.

I write crimson words
full of dark moons and tamed screams,
you should write your own.
I want you to art with me…
in colors that soothe your soul.

for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.

Welcome to the Pain Circus

I crashed into the Pain Circus when a rock cracked my skin and flashed a shinbone the color of blood-shrouded teeth in a ragged mouth crimsoned by rouge pumped out of my heart. I screamed for the audience, believing my pain to be unique in its wrath.

Innocence and ignorance are kissing cousins. Reality’s an unwanted child that shits all over your best suit while giggling at you. But you accept the little bastard because you (and the rest of us) can’t thrive without its crap.

I live in my Pain Circus, collecting screams, ripping art out of agony’s gut, spelling hurts, using rage and will to feed the fire fueling my ink.

the wee notes…
– inspired by my first memory of excruciating physical pain. Before that, I had suffered a burn or 3, and had lived with a skin disease that could’ve probably won me a shambling role in The Walking Dead, but… the shock of seeing my tibia exposed has made this incident one of my most vivid memories of physical pain. I’ve suffered more serious injuries since, but for some reason this one always bleeds brighter than the rest. No idea why…
– for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.

these deliciously creepy postcards, by Mizna Wada,
are a gift from my sweetest and dearest, Mistress Emma,
of Groovy Gothic. Thanks a bunch, Emma love.

If You Forget Me, I Will

Your flesh and bones are mine to twist,
if you let me.

I will force myself on you,
if you forget my lust is forever
twisted around your spine.

To keep me gone,
you must welcome me in.

I can’t twist your will,
if you remember
I am twisted.

If you forget me,
I will…

the (not) wee (at all) notes…
– My shoulder is killing me and it’s my fault. You see, I’m always rather careful when it comes to exercise—I work hard and long to make sure my muscles are as nimble and strong as I can make them. The last few months have been good. Heck! they’ve been fantastic. I’ve been able to do modified pushups and dips, I’ve even made the stairs my bitch. The progress made me so happy that I forgot to remember the little enormous things: I can’t reach across my body with my right arm, I can’t write by hand for more than a few minutes at a time, I can’t type without keeping my arms at a 90-degree angle, I’m not supposed to exercise before my muscles have been warm for at least 3 hours. It has been so good, that I forgot pain is a bastard that attacks when you dare to forget that she is always there… waiting to make you pay for the tiniest bit of hubris.
– for Hedgewitch’s Friday 55 and the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.
– and for Me.

(detail) borrowed from Pinterest, they borrowed it from Beautylish