Of My Autumnal Equinox’s Crush on Halloween

This year, the Autumnal Equinox is winking at Halloween. I suspected they were sweet on each other, but it wasn’t until Ms Misantropia decided to play matchmaker that I found out just how serious these two were.

How do they show their spooky fall(ish) love, you may be asking? Via secret patsies: I knew the identity of my recipient, but had no idea who would send me a gift. Are you wondering who showed me Halloween love on the week of the Autumnal Equinox? I hope you are… since I’m telling you anyway. I was delighted, by the talented, super thoughtful and imaginative, Nadine.

The first gift (and my favorite!) is a stunningly stitched crimson journal. I fell for it the moment I set eyeballs and hands on it. Its new home is my old dictionary.
Magaly's Halloween

Then these three witchy ladies flew in… I just love that their brooms match their hairs.
Magaly's Halloween 1

Remember that bit about Nadine being super talented? Well, she crafted almost everything I’m sharing with you today, including this painting. Isn’t it perfect?
Magaly's Halloween 2

My Montauk daisy, under the autumnal sun, wasn’t the creation of Nadine… But I had to share it with you. See how happy the Equinox looks when courted by Halloween?
Autumnal Equinox 2015

This red, black and silvery beauties, on the other hand… Yep, more by Nadine.
Magaly's Halloween 3

She also sent me an Autumn Magic scented candle, from Witch City Wicks. She’s shy—the candle—and asked me if she could keep her dress on. “Of course” *cough*.
Magaly's Halloween 4

I had to share another photograph of my stunning journal enjoying its new home.
Magaly's Halloween 5

Ms Misantropia, thanks so much for making this possible. My sweet Nadine, your gifts brought all kinds of grins to my witchy heart. I was having a rather trying week… But the thought you put into all this reminded me to focus on the gigantic wee bits that balance light and dark, and make life just right. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

For you, my Luvs, I’m hoping the Equinox (Autumnal or Vernal) brings wonder, magic, love… and a cornucopia of wishes waiting to come true for you and yours. ♥

A Wild Witch’s Urban Garden

My plants, especially the mango tree, make me homesick… and make me feel at home; yes, at the same time—homesick because my memories of my Dominican Republic taste of sweet mango juice running down my arms as I sink my teeth greedily into the ripe fruit. Watching the small mango tree (all 3 of them) grow in my living room, tended by my hands… puts all sorts of grins on my face. My homeland is far away, but I’m growing home anew around me.

The other day, while watering and speaking to my dear green babies, I composed the haiku I’ve included below each photo… Oh, the avocado—a real jokester—told me to stop trying to take all the credit; they helped. 😉

Mango in Containersweet mango
home, longing for fruit—

Pepper in Container
once cloud kissed,
the bite will be sweet—
my pepper

Passion Flower in Container
scented winds
with passion blooming—
purple bliss

Avocado in Container
a strong tree
for guacamole—
greenish mush

Daisy in Container
spring’s easy,
my hardy daisies—
love the fall

for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Tuesday Platform

Raven, Skulls, Polka-Dotted Daisies… and a Hawthorn Blade

Today is going to be a writing day. I need to complete new forms for my nutritionist, and then I would like to finish the short story I’ve been working on these last couple of weeks. It’s my first bit of contemporary witchy fiction ever, so I’m quite excited.

I shall continue working on what I wanted to publish in October, while keeping in mind that it is more likely than not that I won’t be able to finish it in time—my body pain has increased quite a bit lately (I need lots of rest and exercise), so predicting how long a piece of writing will take has become a tad tricky. I’m guessing that I will have to get used to the pain increase first, and after that I will have a better idea. I shall keep you informed.

Speaking of keeping you informed… have you entered Eliora’s August giveaway? I did. And if you want to enter, too, then you must do it before 12:00 am on the 13th. Follow this link for a chance to win a Hawthorn and Pentacle Mini-Athame.

Many of you have already delighted in Eliora’s work, but you haven’t seen the following beauties (since they are mine *giggles*).

I purchased this customized Raven and Skull Tree of Life Candle Holder a few months ago. I love the colors, the details, and the light it brings to my bedside.
Skull, Raven, Tree of Life

This Polka-Dotted Skully Daisies Chest is more of Eliora’s custom work. It says Magaly, doesn’t it? Well, I think it does… and it’s a great place to keep some of my wee wild treasures.
Polka-Dotted Daisy, Skull Chest

Off to fill out forms and do some fiction writing. I shall stalk you whenever I come up for air. Don’t forget to enter Eliora’s giveaway. I mean, look at the blade’s handle, isn’t it preciously wild!
Hawthorn and Pentacle Athame (blade)