We Aren’t Dead

Have you ever wondered what writers like Poe, Eliot, Brontë, Stoker, Plath… would sound like on Twitter? What would they tweet about? And, if you could, what would you reply to their tweets? Well, I’ve wondered. And, as you might expect, I poetized.

I saw crows
pecking at soulless
body piles…
dead people afire,

Body piles,
you said? What of teeth
and ravens?
My quill’s in dire need
of something to bleed.

Look deeper,
dear sirs, see us twitch—
we aren’t dead.
True humans will kick
‘til all tongues are freed.

a wee note…
– The 1st stanza of this poem is a tweet from T.S. Eliot. The 2nd stanza is Edgar Alan Poe’s reply to Eliot’s tweet. And, since I refuse to stay out of any conversation that involves teeth and fire, the 3rd stanza is my reply to Eliot and Poe. If you wish to play, visit the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads and see what you need to do to Twitter Me a Gothic Poem.
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image borrowed from @Edgar_Allan_Poe

A Pristine Disappointment

Her “beauty[…] was the radiance of an opium-dream[…] Yet her features were not of that regular mould which we have been falsely taught to worship in the classical labors of the heathen.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe

Dear Master,

Although starting a letter with a quotation is unorthodox, I feel the words of your idol best describe the home I’ve secured for us. The house itself is a pristine disappointment. However, the lack of corruption mutilating our new walls will mean nothing after you glance upon the mad angel who lurks next door. I’ve included a sketch.

Your eternal servant,

the wee notes…
– A house behind twisted trees (see below) made me think of my beloved Poe, and of his love for the gnarled and uncanny. I went digging for a piece out of Odessa Begay’s Edgar Allan Poe coloring book, which I colored in a rather imaginative way *cough*.
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inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s “Ligeia”
colored to mad life by moi

photo by J Hardy Carroll

Secondary Character Schizophrenia

What do the voices say?
Have they asked you to kill
cuties, to walk the storm
in your nightie, perhaps
to torture or just maim?

I don’t like the oily glint
twinkling in the doctor’s eye.
My characters aren’t violent
perverts, but this psychothe-
rapist, well he just—

Have they shown themselves
to you naked? Maybe preaching
of salvation, doing yoga poses
while writing Klingon?

No, I say to him. They want me
to write them, but not in Klingon.
They breathe ideas down my spine,
never ever, ever… stopping,
demanding their doings
on my page.

Do you ever bathe with them,
or let them slip under your sheets?
Have you danced the Macarena
while one of them spanks your—

No, I say. They always want
the same thing: story, story, story…
There is neither hanky nor spanky,
and haven’t you been listening?
They never sleep!

I could see the psycho-
therapist not believing my act.
It was one of those horrid days
when nothing but a story
would make him leave.
So I grabbed paper and pen
and storied his rambling
on this sheet.

Process Note: Schizophrenia isn’t funny at all. This disorder affects how a person feels, thinks, and acts. So why would anyone (as usual, by “anyone” I mean “me”) take symptoms as serious as hallucinations, paranoia, strange body positioning, nonsensical speaking and/or writing, extreme preoccupation with religion (just to name a few) and make fun of them? Well, I will offer the same answer I give to people who ask me why I make fun of my own chronic illnesses: if you can’t defeat them or kill them, you might as well laugh at them. It works for me.

written for Fictitious Afflictions Symptoms – Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016 (Day 8)

Edgar Allan Poe, by Pablo Bernasconi
“Edgar Allan Poe”, by Pablo Bernasconi