City Wilds

you look
beyond my steel,
you’ll find my heart

I grow bridges and tunnels and trains and… toes,
toes that park their boots before kissing soil, I am
more than cracked concrete and shrieks of “Taxi!”

you want
all my wilds,
come… and find me


my favorite city park grows wild wishes


Linked to Poets United (City).


A Well-Fed Love

never tames
a well-fed love,
time only makes good

Our first date was wild.

Remember? You wrecked your car, so…
I put your hand on my thigh and drove.

Lunch ended with chocolate-covered coffee
ice cream, our mouths learning our bodies,
our souls finding ecstasy in being one.

Our first date was wild. And the next
will be better.



Linked to Poets United.