I Knew, But…

I birthed my children knowing
they would grow up to consume
me, billions of bites at a time.

I watched them make tools
full of teeth, to cannibalize
the tender greens
on the forests of my hips.

My children used to be bright;
if they fell my shoulder bare,
they would plant cuttings
in the hollow of my throat—
for balance, for tomorrow.

But something has gone wrong
with their minds (or their souls).
They’re stripping all my green,
and now we can barely breathe.

I knew they would consume,
but my nightmares never dreamed
they would waste everything.

written for On Her Day, Gaia Wails – Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016 (Day 10)
Jour de la Terre – Earth Day, over at Sanaa’s Prompt Nights

Myth-Gaia, by Zelda C. Wang
“Myth-Gaia”, by Zelda C. Wang
(find Zelda’s stunning work on her website, Society6 and DeviantArt)

On Her Day, Gaia Wails – Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016 (Day 10)

We should celebrate dirt, stone, pearls and muck every day of our lives. The party must include the air, oceans and the heat in Gaia’s middle. We should thank the Lady Green for so much: she feeds us, shelters us… without her we wouldn’t be here, since there would be no here to be in. On Earth Day—and the 10th day of Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month—let’s speak of our love for the Mother, through poetry full of her pain (and, perhaps, full of ways to make her feel better).

Today’s Prompt – Write a poem from the point of view of Gaia; focus on pollution, natural resource depletion, climate change, loss of bio-diversity, deforestation… or any of the 15 Major Current Environmental Problems listed by Conserve Energy Future (follow the LINK to the list).

Link Instructions – Leave the direct link to your poem as a comment in the following format: “Howls Are Forever” – http://magalyguerrero.com/howls-are-forever/

Please, take the time to visit other Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month participants.
Let them know what you appreciate about their poesy.
This kind of mingling will make Gaia happy… seriously, my Luvs… I’ve asked. 😉

Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016

Spelling Wishes

The world weeps, screams, points fingers, tells of heartfelt love without showing much… My flesh and bones and the soft bits inside my skull are relaxing the ill hold they’ve kept around my health’s throat for three turns of The Wheel… I’m grateful and cautious and often I want not to breathe the human stench. But I watch and see and hope… and I wish.

I wish for better for you and for me and for all of us to give better than we get. My wishes go macro: a clean Gaia, chiefs with hearts and brains and uncommon sense, less blaming and more good… I also wish wee wishes… tiny bits just for me: stronger flesh and bones and eyeballs, an unremarkable gut, fewer pains, years and years and years for storytelling and living… long summer days under a mango tree.

today, Gaia wails
a Witch spells healing wishes—
hope and magic live

Long(ish) Process Note: I was not supposed to write poetry today. In fact, I sat down to craft an entry in which I shared my blogging schedule with you (Sun – expanding Wee Bits; Tue – poem or tale, depending on the “Wee Bits” voting results; Thu – posts about Writing and Witchy Living; Sat – rereading my Pratchett).

As you can see, I had a simple, clear-cut plan… But we all know that plans (and life) are never clear or simple or all that easy to stick to (particularly when it comes to blogging and moi *cough*). So when Corey, over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, asked us “to reflect on the right now and here” and to use that to write a poem about our “heart’s desire”, I didn’t even try to resist.

Love, by MagicLoveCrow“Love”, by MagicLoveCrow